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  1. CameronDouglas


    how much was this to do total?
  2. CameronDouglas

    Interior Bulb Sizes?

    Gotcha, has this ever been done by anyone on here before? Is this something a dealer could install?
  3. CameronDouglas

    Interior Bulb Sizes?

    Ahhh gotcha, didn’t realize they were currently LEDs because of how yellowish the current color temperature is. https://hidkitpros.com/shop/2011-2019-ford-edge-led-interior-lighting-package/ how about something like this?
  4. Anyone have a chart for all the interior bulb sizes on the 2017 Edge Sport? The OM just says LED without specifying the size. And apart from the interior and license plate lights, what else is not an LED stock?
  5. CameronDouglas

    2015 + Ford Edge Raptor Style Grille

    Could the edge camera and washer fit into an F150 mount? Like this one: https://www.getoemparts.com/oem-parts/ford-front-bracket-hl3z19h421a?origin=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgtfS6o_Z7wIVgeGzCh0FzwfhEAUYASABEgLE3PD_BwE
  6. It only says LED and not the bulb size to go off of.
  7. anyone have the interior bulb sizes for the 2017 sport?