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    2011 SE Edge dash rebooting

    My issues were resolved.
  2. nextime

    Source for Switched 12V

    There should be 12v at the ignition switch.
  3. nextime

    Driver Door Noise

    Shouldn't have any creaks on a new vehicle. I did have the TSB for the mirror done however I still get wind noise coming from the top edge of the drivers door. I believe it is buffering on the jambs where the 2 doors meet at the top cause the gasket does not make contact there.
  4. nextime

    Transmission shifts downhill with brakes

    Yes it does kick it down into a different gear, I can go down a steep hill and not even have to touch the brake.
  5. nextime


    Yeah but you stated "Actually I can't find any studies to back that up but it's a general caution in most owner's manuals (Fords at least) so I'm just going by what Ford says" and now cal3thousand changes his whole tone. I stated that damage could be done in other posts but went ignored till you posted this. I actually read my 2011 manual and it says warranty may be voided and powertrain damage may occur if the wrong fuel is used. cal3thousand said it was OK to do use 91 and it will give you more MPG even though Ford is against it, no proof shown from cal3thousand on their claim on more MPG for 91 octane, I at least showed all the proof with links even if it wasnt believed. Like I said people are quick to jump on people opinions here. Could be why lack of posts and a low member list. This is one of the forums that I come to where people are quick to slam any opinion unless it is yours akirby, like they are in fear or something. Corvetteforum.com is one of the best out there and they do not slam people as fast as it is done here by members that is why they are so big. Other Ford forums are even bigger and no post slamming is done there. OK cal3thousand show us your proof that more MPG will be gained if 91 octane is used?
  6. nextime


    Some of my stuff I cant back up either cause I can not find it. I go by what I read in the past (magazines or internet) or have been told by my many Ford Mechanic friends. Funny how if one person states something they are questioned to hell and back while others dont get questioned. This is why I asked you to post the answer. See how you cant find the answer either but nobody with tell you that you are full of BS and you need to prove it but you know the answer is true? That is the problem with this forum, even if you can back up the claims you can still be full of BS because people believe what they want to.
  7. nextime


    An E85 Car uses bigger injectors and a higher volume fuel pump to compensate for the difference. http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic652916.htm http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27655 And like akirby said and what I have said" It is true that cars that are not designed to take advantage of premium won't benefit by running premium and can cause damage if used long term. " Akirby can you explain to cal3thousand since they dont believe me why using premium on a non premium engine can cause damage? I dont meant to put you in the spot but you must clearly know why and can explain it better than I can.
  8. nextime


    Vortech is also a leader in the Supercharger world, they also claim..... "What will a Vortech supercharger system do to my mileage? When the supercharger system is installed as purchased, mileage often times improves due to the increased engine efficiency. If you tend to drive with a "heavy foot," your mileage may suffer." http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com/support.php?support_section=Frequently%20Asked%20Questions 3 leading companies in the market claim MPG gains, STS Turbo Systems, Paxton and Vortech Superchargers. I think people would believe them before you. Here is Magnacharger, http://www.magnacharger.com/magnacharger-chevrolet-corvette-intercooled-supercharger-system.htm "• Computer programmer re-flashes factory ECU, spark and fuel calibration, transmission shift points, line pressure and torque converter strategies are optimized to manage increased torque, horsepower and mileage." Now that is 4 of the top sellers of forced induction systems stating either no loss or MPG gains.
  9. nextime


    For #3. tell me how it can increase MPG when you are not changing the compression ratio of the engine, explain how the engine can even burn the 91 Octane properly? Oh and by trying to burn a fuel that is not designed to be burnt can damage the catalyst, read "Meltdown here" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalytic_converter We all know a failed catalyst system can do engine damage. Oh and yes they can increase MPG, this site is one of the leading Turbo kit MFG's and they claim a MPG increase.http://www.ststurbo.com/home Read the big picture. Here they claim most customers get a 1 to 3 MPG increase http://www.ststurbo.com/the_technology oh and yes that is stock Naturally Aspirated Engine to a now Turboed engine with a big gain in HP. Here is more proof how a turbo can increase MPG. Yes the engine was originally a Diesel but the new kit should reduce MPG if it increased HP and Torque? http://www.bankspower.com/products/show/155/39 Oh and why didnt Ford Turbo a 3.5? no room under the hood for a stock type system. All stock Turbos are mounted near the engine. With a STS could be done cause they leave the engine alone and the Turbo is in the rear because they have this type of Turbo system patented so the MFG's can not use it. Personally I do not think the stock Transmission could handle a big boost of HP. Oh read here..... http://www.paxtonauto.com/article.php?id=152#q5 Paxton Superchargers say you may gain MPG. I know on my 92 Mustang I would gain MPG if I was on very long trips on the HWY. I only averaged a few MPG but driving on the HWY for long periods I would gain MPG but would kill it as soon as I stomped on the pedal.
  10. I got the same issue. I called my dealer today. Like the others I have the basic bottom line Climate Controls, there are no settings to enable or disable them to turn on or off. To turn them on or off you just push the manual button on the manual system.
  11. nextime


    #1. is all wrong. Turbos can effect MPG in a positive way if they were built for that intention. Most Semi trucks have Turbos and they increase the HP and Mileage. Lots of the Diesel cars today are Turboed from the factory just for the MPG gain and performance..... Ever hear of the Ford Ecoboost engine? They say it will increase the MPG by 10% and it has a Turbo. You got Turboing and engine mixed up with all of the ricers out there. And yes with a turbo or a supercharger you should run a higher Octane because these do increase the compression in the cylinders. http://gas2.org/2010/02/10/ford-brings-ecoboost-tech-to-2011-edge-suv-likely-to-get-30-mpg-highway/ #3. is all wrong. The Edge can not burn 91 Octane, it was designed for 87. Unless you can magically increase the compression ratio in your engine the 91 Octane will just get pissed out your exhaust, may cause damage to your catalyst system and make your wallet higher. If you do notice an improvement with running a higher Octane gas it just means something is wrong, dirty, or fouled up in your engine or engine controls. Engines that have high compression or are designed for high Octane should be running it, an Edge is neither! http://www.mpgenhance.com/highoctane.html http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/high-octane-gas-myth.html http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/autos/aut12.shtm
  12. nextime

    2011 Ford Edge Limited Alignment

    Yeah I dont think so because all cars that share this type of tire would have the same issues. Like one of the past posters says that Ford does know about this issue and is trying to correct it.
  13. nextime

    Is $6k off sticker a great price?

    I guess it depends on the Dealers. They offered me $15 and I grabbed my keys and started to walk out, I told them $19 and we settled on $17.
  14. nextime

    2011 Ford Edge Limited Alignment

    The stock 17" I believe and The Hancock's . I am sure if the 17" are not stock I will be corrected.
  15. OK MY BAD I WORDED IT WRONG. Thanks for always going above and beyond to point out any mistakes Anybody makes, we are not all perfect! The Ford Dealers! With out the Ford dealers Ford makes nothing so in turn Ford does make money because the Dealers buy the keys from Ford also. The Dealers close up and Ford Motor Company shuts down, either way Ford is making some profit of the programming even though it is a key sale.