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  1. Totally_Ripped

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Only spot! Flood blinds people.
  2. Totally_Ripped

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Installed a 20" LED strip light in the grill of my wife's 2011 Ford Edge Limited.
  3. I upgraded the sync 2.0 in my wife's 2011 Edge to sync 3 hardware with 3.4 software and everything is working except the backup camera white guide lines. It didn't have them with sync 2.0, but I know sync 3.4 has them in my 2017 F150. Has anyone done this upgrade and managed to get the white guide lines (pictured in the attachment) working? Does anyone know if I need to upgrade the camera or is it just a software mod in Forscan? Thanks, TR
  4. Has anyone updated their 2011 Edge from the Sync 2 system to Sync 3?
  5. Totally_Ripped

    2011 Edge Factory HID's Dull

    I ordered some new HID bulbs and see how those work out.
  6. Totally_Ripped

    2011 Edge Factory HID's Dull

    Nope, I've never replaced them. My wife drove it a few nights ago and mentioned how dull they are compared to the LEDs in my 2017 F150. Are new HIDs comparable to LEDs?
  7. Totally_Ripped

    2011 Edge Factory HID's Dull

    Has anyone changed the factory HIDs to something brighter? The headlights in this thing seem dull and terrible at night. Should I convert them to LEDs or are my HIDs just getting old an weak?
  8. Totally_Ripped

    *Click* Noise when accelerating from stop

    At one time I had a clicking or popping from the front end when accelerating from a stop or when going from park to drive or reverse. The dealer replaced both front wheel bearings and hubs and the noise never returned.
  9. Totally_Ripped

    Horn not loud

    2011 Ford Edge Horn Removal 1. Remove the 5 RH front fender splash shield screws. a. Pull the RH front fender splash downward to access the horn. 2. Disconnect the electrical connector. 3 Remove the bolt and the horn. a. To install, tighten to 10 Nm (89 lb-in) 4. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  10. Totally_Ripped

    2012 Limited pulling right

    Does it have the 20" wheels with Pirelli's on them? Had mine in the shop for 2 weeks while they aligned, realigned and adjusted the sub-frame. The fix was to replace the Pirelli's with Michelins.
  11. Totally_Ripped

    :Door Ajar" warning on at all times

    Door Ajar Lamp Remains Illuminated with Doors Closed. See attached TSB. tsb14-0154.pdf
  12. Totally_Ripped


    Roof Opening Panel Track Cleaning and Lubrication procedure. Roof Opening Panel Track Cleaning.pdf
  13. Totally_Ripped

    2011 Edge Sport power tailgate has mind of its own.

    Power Liftgate opening - Intermittent operation See attached TSB. tsb12-10-07.pdf
  14. See the attached TSB from Ford. tsb11-12-10.pdf
  15. Totally_Ripped

    Dome Lights Stopped Working

    If all the other interior lights come on when the door is opened, then it sounds like it's just the bulb.