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  1. I wonder if it's the same problem I just posted about here: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/12179-bizarre-significant-enginepedal-problem-of-unknown-origin/
  2. I don't know if it's the same as discussed here: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/10683-engine-cut-out-on-me/
  3. My 2011 Edge is experiencing a problem that the dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose. Several times in recent weeks, including 3 times in one day this past Monday, the following occurs: 1. Driving normally, anywhere from a few miles an hour to 45-50 MPH (it hasn't happened at highway speeds yet), I'll hear/feel a THUMP from the pedal area, the wrench light will come on, and 2. Immediately, the gas pedal becomes completely non-functional. It moves freely, very loose, and no longer controls throttle. Useless. 3. I turn on the emergency blinkers, and slow down/pull to the side of the road. However, when we get down to 5-6 MPH or so, the brake pedal locks about 98% - freezes in place, essentially, and I have to practically stand on it to get the car to come to a complete stop. 4. I'll turn of the engine, wait a minute, then start it up again. It struggles for a few moments to start up, but when it does the wrench light is gone and everything is working again. It •feels• like there's a bit of a drag on the car when it's coasting, but I'll grant that that may be me being oversensitive to the car's performance after one of these events. This has happened a total of 5 times in the past 3 weeks or so. It's disturbing, obviously, as is the fact that the dealer says they can't do much if they can't recreate the problem - which is a craps shoot, given that a week can go by between incidents. Help? Thanks, J.
  4. DEALER UPDATE: They just called and told me that they are expecting "updates" for the backup system from Ford within a few weeks. I asked them if they meant software updates of the kind that I could install myself, and they said no – dealer-installed updates. So... that's that? We'll see in a few weeks I suppose.
  5. This happened to mine once; MUCH more frequently the backup camera display turns "black" either immediately after or soon after putting the car in reverse, particularly if I'm doing so not long after turning on the car. It seems to be a visual bug triggered by the text that overlays on top; there's always a "glitch" when that text pops up (the "cancel" or whatnot). Mine is also at the dealer today, we'll see what they say.
  6. Sadly not, for whatever reason! Alas.
  7. 2011 Edge Limited — Back up camera turns on when I put the car in reverse, but goes black when I actually start backing up. Happens more often than not. Anyone else?
  8. I originally wanted stone – this is Florida after all, and dark seats will get hot – but, as my mom pointed out, dark seats won't stain as noticeably should the baby puke on them. :-)
  9. I've never owned a Ford before, but have just purchased and received a 2011 Edge Limited FWD (Bordeaux Red/Black interior). They don't sell many 4WD versions here in South Florida. I was upgrading from a Honda Civic coupe as my family is expanding and I needed a vehicle that was more car seat (and wife) compatible. It has rapid spec 302a plus the blind spot warning system and the 20" wheels. Before the purchase I tested most everything in the category and asked questions of people in parking lots everywhere; without fail Edge owners seemed happiest, including an older couple who drove theirs down from Montreal with no complaints. This, coupled with the dramatic changes in the 2011 model, led to my purchase. By the way, the single best thing I did was cough up the $14 for the Consumer Reports info on the car. I ended up getting the Edge for less than even CR's "bottom line price" and likely saved a few thousand bucks vs. going in cold. IMPRESSIONS: 1. I'll miss the Civic's fuel economy – we still have (and love) a Honda Element, and even that gets better mileage than the Edge – but there's clearly no comparison in terms of luxury, tech features, etc. It's a different universe. Swanky. 2. Speaking of tech – I'm very much an Apple guy (I do a lot of design work) but for the most part I'm happy with the Microsoft Sync gadgetry. Touch sensitive buttons? Eh, those I could live without. And while my iPhone 4 works well for calls, bluetooth audio (music) is very buggy and does not connect consistently, as noted elsewhere on this site. It's rather frustrating. USB audio works fine, but then the phone is constantly being charged, and that's not a good thing from a battery life perspective. I'm considering going to simple RCA plugs as I did in my old car; I don't think I'd be using the center console to navigate through my iPhone music anyway, too distracting. Hopefully a software update will fix the Bluetooth audio issue. 3. I can't get the remote start to function. Every other remote function works well – it's weird but cool to never have to take your keys out of your pocket, or to simply touch the door handle to lock it, etc. But remote start (press lock then the remote start button twice) refuses to work. 4. Everything else – spot on, so far. LOVE the console, love the "quiet" (Hondas are noisy), love the sunroof (something I had but didn't like on the Civic), love how well constructed it feels (apart from the matt by the dead pedal area, which is a tad loose), love the navigation (although it would be nice if the system told you what side of the street your destination is on). Overall very happy... so far!
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