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  1. Tulsa

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    I tried to send a message on my 4 yesterday a couple of times. While it reported being sent, no one ever received them and nothing shows on my phone.
  2. My home screen shows song/artist when I have my iPod playing connected via USB. Just for comparisons sake, I also have a 2011 Limited.
  3. Tulsa

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    Where did you get iOS6? My phone is saying I have the latest with 5.1.1. I downloaded the update from SMR this morning and did the install. Took about 30 minutes, had to re-pair my phone and reset my Sirius stations, AM/FM stations didn't require it. Everything seems to be working for the moment and I too have my temp back on the center screen. I was hoping they'd fix the massive size text they use for the USB/Bluetooth title for songs or give you an option to auto-scroll the title. Text still large and you manually press the almost invisible arrow to see the rest of the title, then again to move it back.
  4. I'm not sure that one is Fords fault. I've had to reboot my iPhone 4 to get the bluetooth functioning properly even when it wasn't related to my vehicle.
  5. Tulsa

    New MFT Update coming?

    I just downloaded the iphone app and it has the temp displayed next to the clock.
  6. Tulsa

    Edge or Explorer

    I wanted an X but it didn't come with MFT at the time. Now after having MFT for 1.5 years, I should have gone with the X.
  7. Is there any other manufacturer offering something similar to MFT? It's getting close to time to get my wife another car and there is simply no way I'm buying a Ford for her. I can just imagine what I'd here when she calls me with an issue and I say to her, "Now open the door and get on your knees, now look for fuse 29".
  8. Today mine decided it no longer wanted to be part of the living and so it provided me with this display. Excuse the reflection of me, this is ugly enough and I wasn't trying to make it worse. Now you'll notice there is no headers over any of the 4 quardrants, the text of the street I'm on is cut off with only half showing, the compass is in never never land, no radio stations are displayed and no connection to my phone. After stopping and restarting several times I finally gave up and pulled the fuse. What a freakin joke this software is...
  9. Yes, I must admit it was but I stopped and put gas in it on my home from work and after it was still showing the POI's.
  10. Anyone know how to get the POI's off the nav screen? Using the "hide all POI's" button didn't work for fuel and toll booths.
  11. I don't know, I got my nav card from the dealer today and the system still thinks my home address is down the street and around the corner.
  12. Tulsa

    MFT 3.02+ Wishlist

    When playing a song from my iPod the font on the screen for the song name is huge and only shows about 16 characters, it doesn't scroll to show the entire title, it just stops. I
  13. Tulsa

    MFT 3.02+ Wishlist

    i'll admit I have no idea what Slacker and Stitcher are but as far as Pandora goes, since you're having to use your phone anyway to access a network, using Pandora on your phone and having it come through the car speakers is not a big deal.
  14. Tulsa

    MFT 3.02+ Wishlist

    If you'll pause it before you go to your playlist, it should work.
  15. Is it just me and I'm not finding a setting or can you no longer see the outside temperature on the 8" display?