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  1. It did. I drove around the block and everything looked like it was working fine. The version is "NA 1 18," so I should be good. I'll test is out today.
  2. I am grateful to all you folks for the Fusion forum suggestions and I will join one of those soon. However, tonight I was successfully on my way to updating my car and then discovered the hard way that I didn't disable the "auto engine shutoff" feature. It shut off and I just restarted it. What are the odds that this works? Any suggestions? So frustrated with myself.
  3. No, but I just took a look. Thank you.
  4. No, sorry for the confusion guys. My APIM finally died in my 2011 Edge and I bought a 2018 Fusion. Can't find a Fusion Forum that comes close to the info here, so I came back here. I do apologize. Should have been clearer. So yes, it's the Sync3 MAP update. Haven't heard back from my contact at the dealership.
  5. There's a 12 page PDF called "Downloadinginstructions" provided by Ford and the typical Windows unzip process is never mentioned. I know how to do that, but I was trying to follow Ford's very detailed step by step. Silly me, but I should have known. Very few of these Ford downloads have gone well for me down through the years. To your point, the PDF also is clear that the format is to be exFAT. I will try FAT32. Thanks.
  6. My download from the Sync site to my laptop worked fine. Transferring the download to the USB stick failed multiple times with two different sticks. I'm not shocked. Very few of these downloads have done well for me over the years. I've contacted my local dealership to see if they'll do the map update for free. We shall see.
  7. Davom97

    Extended SYNC Warranty?

    Ok, thanks.
  8. Davom97

    Extended SYNC Warranty?

    Trying to figure something out. I bought my car new in the fall of 2011. I got the letter from Ford about the five year extended warranty (12M02) on the APIM in Jan of 2013. The ETIS site says I have 12M02, but it doesn't say when it expires. How can I find out when it does expire?
  9. I haven't been able to successfully do this yet. After finding a FAT32 USB drive, I have attempted multiple tries to download this update to no avail. The downloading process won't even begin on my Firefox browser (it just spins) and when I use my Edge browser it looks like it works, but eventually gives me the message that the file won't download. There ends up being a zipped folder on my desktop that is empty. Tried it multiple times. What's even more frustrating is the first thing Ford's instruction page tells you (after it let's you know you have an update to download) is to do a Vehicle Health Report. It even states why that is so important, but they've discontinued their service. How is it that I know that, but the person in charge of web content for Ford doesn't know that. I just gave up and no longer care. I've gotten the black screen of death more in the last year than I ever have in the seven years I've owned this car. I'm sure my APIM is about to die. Ridiculous.
  10. Davom97

    Wipers won't turn off!

    ZeeVert, Thanks for the detailed description. I may need this in a few months when the rainy season starts back up. In my previous post, I thought Xuduo Li's trick worked, and it did for a while. But eventually, I ended up having to repeat it every time I started my car. So, I pulled the fuse for the wiper motor in the fuse box under the hood and left the fuse out for about a week. Popped it back in and have had no issues so far. There may be no cause and effect with what I did, but I'm good for now. I may have to replace the stalk if it acts up with heavy use again in May.
  11. Davom97

    Wipers won't turn off!

    Thank you. This worked for me.
  12. I did this update tonight. Took 30 minutes and had no issues. All is working well and it's probably my imagination, but the touch response seems to be quicker. Ambient light setting seems to be holding between starts. We shall see if it holds tomorrow morning. All Nav destinations & presets were unaffected. Phone paired with no issues. I did forget to reinsert the USB, but I just ran a Vehicle Health Report and the Sync site knows I've got the update. Thanks Ford, - DM
  13. All fixed. Took it to the dealer yesterday morning and it was done by the afternoon. No charge, all covered under warranty. My brake pedal is back to normal and working well. They even did a wheel alignment too. I'm good. Peace, DM
  14. Same symptoms here on my '11 Edge SEL. Taking mine to the dealer tomorrow morning. Call my service guy today, he looked up my vehicle and they had never done this addressed this TSB on my vehicle. Looking forward to getting this fixed. Peace, DM