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  1. Now that we are almost empty nesters my wife and I traded in out 2011 Ford Edge LTD AWD on a 2016 Lincoln MKC Reserve with the 2.3 Ecoboost. Our Edge was a great vehicle but we decided to go a little smaller and plusher. The Edge was only in for a repair once for a power steering pump TSB and that was it. We looked at the 2015 Edge but appears to be a little bigger than out 2011 and still offered the same version of Sync as our 2011 so we passed on it. We did elect to stay with a Ford product based on our great experience with our Edge though. So far the MKC has been great and Sync 3 is a huge improvement! The 2.3 really pulls compared to the 3.5 in our Edge and the ride is church quiet. I wish all you Edge owners out there the best of luck in the future. Blankster
  2. blankster

    First Recall?

    From today's News: The No. 2 U.S. automaker said it is recalling 518,313 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans from model years 2013-2015 and Ford Edge crossover vehicle from 2015 model year because steering gear motor attachment bolts may break due to corrosion.
  3. http://www.autonews.com/article/20150427/OEM06/304279956/fords-sync-3-debut-vehicle-launches-are-out-of-sync Sync 3 rollout Some Ford and Lincoln nameplates will get Sync 3 for the 2016 model year while others will wait until the next model year. 2016: Ford C-Max, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Fiesta, Flex, Mustang, Transit; Lincoln MKC, MKS, MKT, Navigator 2017: Ford Explorer, Fusion, Transit Connect; Lincoln MKX, MKZ Unclear: Ford F series, Focus, Taurus Source: 2016 Ford Fleet Preview Guide, dealer order guides Also new interior colors: http://www.fleet.ford.com/resources/ford/general/pdf/brochures/2016_Fleet+Preview+Guide[1].pdf
  4. blankster

    Bought Edge Titanium V-6

    When I bought my 2014 Jeep Wrangler they didn't have them either because Jeep added floor pins to lock in the mats to the floor. It took over 6 months before they had them available for the 2014 and the floor pattern did not even change. The 2015 Edge will be completely new so who knows how long that will take.
  5. blankster

    Edge test drive

    We are in a similar position regarding the 2015 Edge and the MKC. My wife and I looked at a 2015 Edge Sport last night and right away she said it looked bigger than our 2011 and preferred the size af the Escape/MKC (its her vehicle). We are almost empty-nesters and dont need the larger vehicle. One problem on the Escape you can't get auto-cruise control which we like for our drives between Chicago and Asheville NC. So I would also say the MKC may be in out future also! Probably looking at a 2016 which goes into production 6/15 hopefully with the newer version of sync/MFT.
  6. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    Government sold their stock in those companies months or maybe years ago. Actually, a recent activist investor moves at GM may have weakened them a bit financially.
  7. blankster

    Sync 3 staring to be released now

    More info on Sync 3 - I think I would wait for this over the current Sync 2: http://www.autonews.com/article/20150317/OEM06/150319882/ford-taps-microsoft-to-handle-wireless-software-updates
  8. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/03/12/2015-ford-edge-first-drive-review-video/
  9. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I sold it a couple of weeks ago at $16.30, I bought at roughly $7.00 and change. I gave up watching it going into the 16s then sliding back into the 13s or 14s.
  10. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    They had a 2015 sport at the Chicago auto show. Unfortunately it was all locked up.
  11. blankster

    2015 Order Guide: Update 4/2

    is it possible they will start production of the '16 Edge when the '16 MKX starts at the end of April?
  12. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    2016 MKX production begins 04/27/15 so maybe the 2016 Edge will follow.
  13. blankster

    2015 Order Guide: Update 4/2

    Is active cruise control in the same package as adaptive steering? Then is it possible a delay in one element in the package delays the enntire package since each feature may work together?
  14. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    Looks like I may be waiting for a 2016 model if I decide to go with the Edge.
  15. blankster

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    There is mention of automatic cruise control also delayed until 2016 MY. One of the introduction videos on this forum mentions that. Is that confirmed? The ford site seems to also be absent that option when u build one.