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  1. Magnetic Edge

    After 1 month in my Sport

    There's a set of wheels/tires on ebay right now for $2600.
  2. Magnetic Edge

    Water Leak! Help!

    It's a known issue within Ford with a service bulletin for it. Find another dealer and make sure it's not in any more rain. It's not a quick job to repair and replace the necessary parts.
  3. Magnetic Edge

    New DRL Bulbs

    In the left cluster menu the DRL has to be set to On. They will then only be on when in Auto and the vehicle is in gear.
  4. Magnetic Edge

    Radar Detector Solution

    If I remember I'll get it tomorrow for you. PM me your email.
  5. Magnetic Edge

    After 1 month in my Sport

    The Ford site is notorious to have incorrect or outdated info. That's why it's best to always go by the latest order guide.
  6. Magnetic Edge

    After 1 month in my Sport

    The option code for the 21" wheels is 642. The code for the summer tires is TER (requires 21" wheels).
  7. Magnetic Edge

    After 1 month in my Sport

    There is no ability to have the vehicle auto lock. I'm not sure where you heard the 2016 will have a different transmission but it's incorrect. The 21" wheels come with all-season tires with the option of getting summer only tires.
  8. Magnetic Edge

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    What kind of issues did it say?
  9. Magnetic Edge

    First Impressions of New Edge

    Unless you buy an Edge in China which have dedicated fog lights front and rear.
  10. Magnetic Edge

    Sunshade.....Anyone have one yet?

    I keep meaning to look for one but always forget. The one from my Flex is too short, I need one about 36" tall. I like the accordion style as they can be folded up.
  11. Magnetic Edge

    I've got a rattle

    You have a picture of what exactly you mean? Wonder if my rattle is the same one. Mine only rattles when open.
  12. Magnetic Edge

    New tints

    If you go with 3M tint, use their 25% to match the rears. Normally I go with 20% as factory rear tint is 18% but the tint place I always use told me 3M 25% is the closest to factory there is. He was right, looks like a perfect match.
  13. Plus the '16 Sport might have a couple more items as standard equipment and possibly newly available options.
  14. Magnetic Edge

    Cooled Seats

    Both the seat cushion and back portion are heated and cooled. It's mearly the design that makes the seat backs not as effective in getting as cool. It's difficult to get any significant amount of air into the seat back portion for the fans to blow. The seat cushion however is completly open underneath so it gets all the air it can handle. It's similar in other Ford models where the back does not feel as cool. My '13 Flex was the same way. I do agree that the seat bottom does get cold really quickly and needs to be turned down.
  15. Magnetic Edge

    I've got a rattle

    I believe I have the same exact problem. Mine is more of a slight tick coming from the back seat when I hit bumps in the road. This is in addition to the moonroof rattle while its fully open.