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  1. AMulally

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    That's an understatement; especially with the 2020 Edge. I mean really to remove the storage door on top of the dash is one thing, but to not even at least redesign the surrounding trim to at lease make it not appear as if it was left off in production accidentally is just ridiculous - borderline embarrassing. I would have refused delivery if my vehicle came in that way -vs a 2019. It's like they are not evening trying especially with interior quality. The interior if the 2020 Explorer is almost embarrassing to own -vs it MSRP and that's after having a few of them for weeks - it's that bad assembly-size and material selection-wise. Wait until you see the 2021 Bronco(s) - another Fischer-price inspired interior. IMO Ford needs a leader that is a car person, not a cheep furniture hack. Say what you want about profit margins, but only someone who understands that a car is an expression of oneself, will be about to show Fords how to do this - then the profits margins will be there for sure.
  2. AMulally

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    I drive a 2017 Edge Sport for the winter, but I have other vehicles besides the 2019 ST to put away:
  3. AMulally

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Hmm must have a crappy dealer. I emailed the service mgr at the Auto Group I deal with the TSB in Q and just ask if I could come by and have it applied - no issues. Again it's made a world of difference for my ST.
  4. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Yes the ST/RS programs and support seems to be watered down from what it stated out as. It's too bad, for I for one like to see some add'l Edge ST only factory options like Recaro seat option, et' al like there is on other ST models.
  5. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Although this is a great conversation, I think the topic perhaps has run off course. The absence of Ford Performance Parts from Ford was more of a question as to why would other Ford ST models get this type of support from Ford and not the Edge; not to try and single out the ST for trying to be something that it's not. It is warmed-over Sport ? I can certainly see it being viewed that way, but all the reviews that I've seen / read, they seem to be wanting some sort of X3M competitor and that's never what any ST model was. I have an 2014 Audi SQ5 and it may be in a similar SUV class, I never expected the Edge ST to be a replacement for my SQ5 - it's just not. Just as I would never get a Focus RS to replace my Audi RS5. Has Ford been misleading in it's marketing of the Edge ST against other performances makes like Audi S/RS and BMW M-sport and M ? If so I' have not seen anything like that. Perhaps we are just wanting more out of the ST that was never really promised; but I can agree with Ford could go much further performance-wise with the Edge ST than it has. - hence my original Q.
  6. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Sounds like you need to put that money towards a trade-up to the ST
  7. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I actually own both a 2017 Edge Sport that I drive for the winter months and I have a 2019 ST I took delivery of early August. There is no doubt that the ST is worlds better not just including every day performance [not just track]. The build quality especially fitment of the interior and the materials [they seem very similarity but the 2019 is indeed of much better quality]; from torque-vectoring, much better trans [after the latest update] all the way down the B&O audio system. That god-awful Sony system is enough to make you trade the vehicle in just in itself I'm not saying the Sport is a bad vehicle, it's very nice - but It's not the ST. Reason I put away the ST with my other vehicles for the winter and drive the Sport...
  8. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I think your over-stating things: Yes these are calipers from the Ford parts bin, but they are from a different vehicle offering and are more capable than non-ST: Performance Brake Package Options • Unique front rotors and dust shields optimized for cooling. Unique, red painted calipers with ST tuned pad formulation front and rear. Are they Brembo ? No they never said they were; but hence my Q on some Ford performance parts that do have Brembo brake offerings.
  9. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    This was my point; it's definitely listed as "performance vehicle" by ford - hence why I was surprised not to see any parts available for the Edge ST, but there are for every other vehicle categorized by Ford as "performance". Yes it''s true there are mostly female drivers for the Edge that I see, but not the ST which I've only seen male drivers. Same goes for the Explorer: definitely a chick SUV until you get to the Sport model.
  10. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I'd like to see some add'l brake [I do have the performance brake option], exhaust, suspension and some interior upgrades as well - like a flat bottom steering wheel. The listing for the Focus ST is fairly comprehensive: https://performanceparts.ford.com/focus/
  11. AMulally

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Happen to take a look over at https://performanceparts.ford.com and to my surprise there's no parts for the ST available ? I still see the availability of parts for Focus ST, Fiesta, et' al, but again - seems surprising that Ford would not have some parts available by now, if they did indeed ever intend to.
  12. AMulally

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Just had the new TSB done as well today; immediately feel the difference in the response, shift quality, shift timing - just seems well put together now. Was sick of clearing the adaptive cache every few weeks. My biggest issue prior; along with the drop-the-trans-out-the-bottom reverse engagement; was a constant dead pedal feeling - that is now gone. Just a hair on the accelerator now and it's moving briskly. I have not tried sport mode, but this is a seriously powerful motor so it should feel quick on it's feet.
  13. AMulally

    Chinese Edge ST

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, but this looks a little odd - like it's an extended wheelbase, or an [L] version - or the roof rack is creating an illusion of a longer-than-usual Edge. Check out the interior - WTF is that screen ? There is a video of the Edge Vinagle as well in the link; love the leather wrapped dash/console/door panels, and especially the carpeted trunk panels on the side. I wonder if you could order those as it looks like a direct swap. https://www.formacar.com/en/news/view/17799.html
  14. AMulally

    Livernois ST Tune

    What tune are you using - the 93 with factory shifts ?
  15. AMulally

    Leather Trimmings / Digital Dash

    Yes you are correct no EU Lincoln - for now; but still looks at what the Explorer Platinum leather trimmings do to - what is arguably a bland dash design overall. Plus, look at how many main stream brands have leather [or leatherette] dash/panel trimmings now for 2019 -2020. A good ex is the new Toyota RAV-4. Come on Ford, just because you have a luxury division is no excuse to not put your best foot forward - there's room for both. What kind of goodies are you referring to ?