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  1. Maybe try something from Audison. They have all kinds of stuff for oem integration. https://www.audison.eu/product_lines/prima/
  2. Just wondering if anybody could tell me the max size sync 3 supports in terms of Hard Drive capacity? I had a 500gb it worked no problem & just recently purchased a portable 5tb seagate but i can't seem to get it to work. I reformatted it to exfat from the factory ntsf. Any help will do & thank you to all in advance.
  3. Ok thank you for all your info. I will post an update if & when I get one.
  4. Can I go aftermarket or do I need OEM? If so do I just tap into the proper pin inputs in the harness at the apim? Thank you.
  5. Just got sync 3 with nav installed in my 2011 edge sel which was factory nav. My question is my sync 3 is programmed for a reverse camera, when I reverse the screen turnes blue, how can I hook up a reverse camera. Thank you to all in advance.
  6. ferneyhough

    2011 edge sel

    Does Anybody know if there is a difference between the 2011-2014 edge interior door panels (skin). Looking to paint my door panels with some SEM paint/products. I was looking for a donor panel to try things out.
  7. ferneyhough

    Interior Panels

    I have a 2011 edge sel & was wondering if anybody has ever dyed the interior panels i.e. door skins, front dash, A-B pillars. I want to dye the entire interior to match. I've seen some video's & read some reviews on some products from SEM & Dupont. Still up in the air on what to do. Any info on how to & what products were used would help.
  8. ferneyhough

    a/c fan is weak

    Mine is the same Elotrain I have a 2011 sel edge, nice to know you are not alone
  9. ferneyhough

    Hertz Mille 3 way set up

    Sorry for the late relpy. The cost me $450 & they quoted my about another $100 to match the pillar. I upgraded the stock wireing through my hole truck to 14 gauge & I am going to be installing a Audison AV 5.1k & a Audison Quattro. Im going to go full active.
  10. Just figure I'd post some pic's of my custom A Pillar's I had done a few days ago. Sounds amazing but waiting to install my new amps to get the real sound out of these babies
  11. ferneyhough

    Door panel scratches?

    It can be replaced, I had my door skins off eariler in the week & poped mine off.
  12. The RMS on the stock speaker is 25 watts if Im not mistaking & Im going to guess that the Polk speakers are @ least 50 watt rms, sounds like you need a more powerfull amp to move the speakers. My speakers for example sound better since I installed an amp to the factory oem system. Hope this helps
  13. Ok Thank You TheWizard for your info
  14. Here is a PDF file for removing the steering wheel switch. Someone posted it a while back so I downloaded it & saved it, I would lke to thank that person but to be honest I could not remember for the life of me who posted it, but thank you. As for the other panels I have some pic's of the dash taken apart so it will give you a general idea on what you will be expecting.Hope this helps. steering wheel switch.pdf