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    Windshield washer strange behaviour

    My wiper problem is a bit different.... The rain sensor works when it's NOT raining and doesn't work when it IS raining. I have had the car in the shop two times and both times the service dept replaced the sensor that is behind the rearview mirror. Works great for about a month or two and then, BAM, dry as a bone outside and the wipers start swooshing across the windshild like crazy. And you guessed it, they are back to having a mind of their own again.... raining like crazy outside today and the only way the wipers will come on is if I manually turn them on. When I run the car through the carwash I always make certain that the wiper control is turned completely off, not in the "auto/sensor" setting. Ahhh, the life of an independent thinking wiper blade.
  2. katandcharlie

    Fuel Fill Seal Problem & FYI on Tire Cost

    Thanks for the info! Gee, you'd think that with as much time as I spend at Costco I would have thought of visiting their tire dept. I'll certainly keep them in mind should I have further problems with bottles jumping under my tires! (Bottles are like curbs, they tend to jump up and grab us from time to time!)
  3. So, last Wednesday I'm crusing along and my engine light comes on so I pull into my handy dandy Lincoln shop and, after close to three hours, I'm told the seal around the fuel fill area was not tight so they "tweeked" it a bit and all is well. Off I go. Fast forward to Friday morning... engine light comes on again so off I go to my handy dandy Lincoln shop. Within moments they determine that the problem is now the plastic housing/container around the fuel fill area. Seems that little dude has a crack and they will have to order the part so into a loaner I go (a very nice 2011 Lincoln MKS... not bad for a car). Well, onto my question... has anyone else had this kind of problem? Are the capless fuel tanks prone to this type of problem? And now a little tire FYI. Thanks to a visit to a wine festival and the parking attendant parking me in a less than desireable field, I picked up a chunk of glass in my left rear tire. That chunk of glass was big enough to contain half a bottle of vino! Thank goodness I'm buds with a tire man because he revealed to me that the American made replacement is just over $300!!! To purchase a replacement tire that is made in China would cost me about $170. Normally I stick to the "made in America" policy but $125 difference is a chunk of money! The dealership was going to charge me $195 plus tax. Okay, onto another week.... let's see if I can make it through without a flat tire, a black screen, SYNC chaos or the engine light popping on. Oh, and hopefully I'll get my ride back sometime later today or tomorrow morning! Life is always interesting in my neighborhood!
  4. My 2011 MKX sun/moon roof works just like yours. Seems quite counter-productive to have all the controls on the wheel in order to keep your hands on the wheel, but to open the roof you have to hold the button down the entire time.
  5. katandcharlie

    Piddly but annoying... cargo cover

    I'm keeping a dark colored blanket in the trunk area now as the oh so wonderful "faux leather" cover (aka: pleather, aka: vinyl) is already falling apart. Knew it would be a matter of time before the cord elastic bands that hook onto the vehicle at the rear sides gave out.... guess I was thinking/hoping/praying/in denial that they would last longer than six months. Good thing I didn't have to pay for this thing!! On a positive note, I'm no longer in a love/hate relationship with the vehicle, we have moved onto love/learning to love phase as some of the problems are being worked out. Katherine
  6. katandcharlie

    Phonebook Contact Pictures

    Thanks!!! I'll give it a try this evening when I get off work. And thanks for the info on the app, it is being downloaded as I type!!! Katherine
  7. katandcharlie

    Phonebook Contact Pictures

    Thanks for the info!!! And if the program is an app I can download, I would love to have it! One question....when you said you could not hear music when the volume on your phone is set to 0, I'm assuming that is the music you are playing through your phone, right?? Unlike most of you, I'm about as techno-literate as a slug but I'm pushing on and keep trying (keep your fingers crossed!). When I am playing the car radio with the Android connected to the Synce I have the car radio volume set to about 30%, however, when a call rings in or I make a call I have to jump the volume up to max or I can not hear a single thing. Once the phone call disconnects the radio volume drops back down to its original setting, however, on the next phone call I have to jump it back up to max in order to hear. Is this a common problem or do I have a gremlin in my system? Katherine
  8. katandcharlie

    Phonebook Contact Pictures

    Ahhh, and here in lies one of my problems.... my dealer is blowing more smoke than a disel burning beater truck as they told me the volume on my cell phone had to be set to max when it is connected to the car. Gee, to think I almost believed that one of many fairy tales they have given me. According to my dealer I have the latest and greatest version as it was updated approximately two weeks ago but some of my sync problems persist. With the newest version is there still a timely delay with the touch screen? Also, it is all in how I hold my tongue if the system will read the USB drive or not. On the plus side, since the upgrade I have noticed that my phone connects right away and actually stays connected a little better than it had in the past. Thanks for the info!! Katherine
  9. katandcharlie

    Phonebook Contact Pictures

    Well, back to our regularly scheduled program... or thread, as it may be. I have a HTC Thunderbolt and sometimes the pics show up on my SYNC screen, sometimes they don't. Without starting WW III, is that a phone issue or a SYNC issue? Also, I am still experiencing problems with the volume on in-car calls. The radio will be at normal volume, the cell phone will have the voice volume cranked up all the way but when I make or receive a call I have to adjust the car volume up to max and it is still very difficult to hear the caller. Anyone else having that problem or is it my old ears? Thanks in advance. Katherine
  10. katandcharlie

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    I agree whole heartedly, for a $50,000 plus this vehicle should not have the issues it does! I am on the road quite a bit and MUST use the hands free features (work regulations) and it is simply unacceptable to pull to the side of the interstate and reboot/reload/readjust/re-EVERYTHING! I am now starting my third week of a loaner vehicle. Certainly chaps my backside that I am making a hefty car payment for a luxury vehicle and I'm cruising around in a vehicle that has less than half the features as I'm paying for, gets 1/3 less the fuel mileage and has all the ride comfort of a Sherman Tank! Katherine
  11. katandcharlie

    2011 MKX collision warning system

    Thanks for the info, Waldo. The motorcycle was very far in front of me (a crotch rocket that was moving away from me at a "that's going to leave a mark if he hits a pot hole" speed). When the brakes grabbed it threw both me and my passenger forward so abruptly that our seatbelts grabbed. Granted, we were not expecting the sudden slow down but for the deacceleration to be so forceful sure didn't seem right to me. According to the service dept they "adjusted" the warning sytem. But this is the same service dept that has told me on my last nine visits that they have "fixed" the Sync problems. Gee, I didn't know I had that "she's gullible and dumber than a box of rocks" look on my face, I'm starting to doubt my bathroom mirror! Katherine
  12. katandcharlie

    Piddly but annoying... cargo cover

    Wow, you made a killing on those hub caps!!! As for the cargo cover, I'm attempting to learn to live with it but I'm also learning to make sure there are no delicate ears close by when I'm having to "re-instal" it or when I'm having to load the trunk with groceries. If nothing else, it is keeping my nail tech in business, she's loving this nasty little vinyl thing!
  13. katandcharlie

    2011 MKX collision warning system

    Guess I better make sure my cell phone camera is in good working order... well, la-tee-da, I'm now cruising around in a "loaner" Mercury Mariner. I guess my dealer is on to me... I returned the last "loaner" (a pretty speedy little Volvo) with less than a quarter of a tank of fuel so they gave me the Mercury with about an 1/8 of a tank of fuel. So, after showing the service writer a cell phone pic of my oh so wonderful (cough, choke) Sync screen with four layers of different screens all meshed together he scratched his head and with absolute brillance he says, "Gosh, it's not suppose to do that." Duh, ya' think?!?! Lord help me, I'm going to need bail money and a ton of cash to pay for the "remodel" job at the dealership! AGGGGHHHH!!! Yep, I'm a cruising in a Mercury, crazy about a Mercury... Where's Alan Jackson, I can SO relate to his song right about now. I WANT MY MKX FIXED!!!!!! Okay, I feel a bit better now, so, back to our regularly scheduled program..... Katherine
  14. katandcharlie

    Piddly but annoying... cargo cover

    Thanks, akirby, my ol' chemo brain had kicked in and I couldn't come up with the word "vinyl". Yes, indeed, very shoddy and very much a pain.
  15. katandcharlie

    2011 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX Owners Map

    I'm added... Hello from Albuquerque, NM!