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  1. My 2011 has done that about once a year since new. II is the right way around when I restart the vehicle. I consider it due to flaky Ford engineering.
  2. The rear sprayer inside the third brake light broke off on my 2011 a few years ago. I didn't realize there was a screw from the inside; I took out the outside screws and yanked the light out, There was an insert in the light, which the inside screw went into, That stayed on the screw and came out of the light. I don't remember well, but it wasn't so difficult to get out and wouldn't have pulled so hard to risk breaking it (I figured the screws were already out, it must just be on a post or something...). To put it back, I just pushed it in as far as it would go to; I don't think it went all the way back in at first (the light seemed a bit pushed out in the middle), but think the pressure from the outside screws worked it back in. For my issue, I silicone glued the sprayer back in, it is still fine years later.
  3. factor99

    Jack points and jack stand placements?

    I jack up the entire front or back of my FWD 2011 with a 3 ton floor jack. There is a bar across the back between the wheels, and there is a structural member under the engine. Done this many times without issue. There are plenty of structural points to put jack stands. Since I use winter tires on their own rims, I rotate the tires when I change them.
  4. I had the same problem as the OP; the little round piece on top of one button (inside) come loose so the button wouldn't work. I reattached it with a tiny bit of silicone glue and it hasn't been a problem since.
  5. I have a 2011 and it find that the power arm doesn't lift the hatch all the way up.. I can usually push it up an inch or two further. That can make the difference in banging my head or not.
  6. Just make use the toothbrush is attached well! I think on an Edge (at least the gen 1.5) we would need quite a long stick.
  7. On my 2011, I don't have to refill it completely to turn off the light. If fact, it goes off even if I am on a slope and the sensor gets recovered.
  8. factor99

    Prevent rear seat to be folded

    I agree with Akirby and will add that I have pushed the wrong button a few times with a child seat strapped in on one side, and nothing moved.
  9. factor99

    IDS/Scan tool?

    We learned the same lesson. I just got the Obdlink MX and it worked great. fyi to others, I got it for CAN$115 on amazon.ca.
  10. I have a 2011. I have had to changed the fob battery before and didn't have any notification.
  11. Yesterday my Edge started chirping the horn every few minutes while parked. It seemed like it was chirping a code but it was different every time. The signal lights flashed while it was chirping too. When I tried to unlock with the key fob, it re-locked a second later and the fob wouldn't lock the vehicle. It would start without problems and the inside lock buttons worked.. There was nothing different on the dashboard either. I changed the battery in the intelligent key fob (even though it still read 3V) and everything was normal again! There was a torrential rainstorm when the problems started, maybe that played a role in the problem. The Edge had been at the dealer for the day too; I don't know if something happened there.
  12. factor99

    Looking for help code P0455

    I had P0455 recently, it was the canister vent solenoid (under the vehicle).
  13. factor99

    IDS/Scan tool?

    Yes, I though I was safe getting version 1.5; version 2.1 is apparently quite bad. The issue is that the ELM327 clones are not exact copies of the original. This doesn't matter if you are just monitoring i.e Torque, but if you want to change parameters (i.e reset the battery monitor), there are extra features that are needed. I suspect that mine meets some or maybe most of the extra requirements, but Forscan has set the bar very high, possible for good reason.
  14. factor99

    IDS/Scan tool?

    I realize I didn't update on my cheap ODB2 adapter. It worked on my phone but the Bluetooth was flakey and I couldn't get it to connect at all to a laptop, The switch mod worked for accessing the MS-CAN bus though (but the Bluetooth would cut our before it was finished reading all the data). I ordered a USB adapter, it connected fine but then Forscan said it doesn't support all commands. It seems cheap is not a good approach!
  15. My battery was replaced under warranty when it was two years old and the replacement lasted three years. I recently replaced it with a Costco battery. $110 Canadian and higher capacity.