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    Brakes (Calipers?) Seizing - plz help

    SELAWD2011, Its doesnt have to be only the calipers (for warranty coverage). I had the same issue (same model car), and after some highway speeds the left rear was too hot to even touch the rim. Took to my local dealer and they agreed to replace both rear calipers, both rotors and all pads. They did all this work under warranty since they couldnt identify if there was damage or premature wear caused by the one partial ceased caliper. Stick to your guns with the dealer and they should do it all. However, this was last spring and it took weeks to get the caliper in stock, they claimed a shortage across Canada and the US. Thomas
  2. Thomas

    Transmission Slip

    I had the exact same issue (jump or jerk at slow speed startup, right after a rolling stop). But as I didnt know about the TSB then (do now) the Ford advisor convinced me that a transmission flush was the first step. So I left the Edge with them for a day, and it has been good ever since. I have no idea if they did the re-program, but they did say I had the latest firmware. Cross my fingers I guess, my extended warranty ends soon. Thomas
  3. I have a 2011 Edge with 52,000 km. Lately I have had an issue with sometimes the rear left caliper not pulling back enough and the brake pads getting so hot the rim is hot and there is a burning smell (after 30 minutes of highway). I am pretty sure the caliper is somewhat stuck. My local Ford dealer is willing to replace the calipers, rotors and pads under warranty, but cannot just yet. My question is this - the dealer cannot give me an estimate of repair date as they cannot find ANY rotors for my car anywhere, and there supplier is not giving any dates back for parts. Is this normal? I am going to start bugging Ford Canada as they are forcing me to drive a vehicle where I don't know when the brakes may fail totally. Any advice? Has anybody else had such bad parts availability?
  4. Thomas

    2013 Canadian DRL to HID test results

    Hi Norm I have a 2011 Edge and just changed my halogen to HID. The kit I got from DDM Tning doesnt work with the DRL system. The only way to run the lights in the day is to turn full on. I have found in further reading that a large capacitor may resolve. I will try this in the next few weeks and report back. By the way, it isnt the voltage being lowered is the issue, its the fact that the full system voltage is pulsed at 60%. This means that when the ballast cant take the on and off voltage pulses, they flicker badly and dont fire. Let me know if you need more info, I have spent a lot of time researching the issues with DRLs and HIDs. Cheers, Thomas
  5. Thomas

    Front running lights - when are they on?

    "The DRL's are the amber lights in the headlamps" Shantz, Did your Edge come with amber lights as the DRL? OR was it modified? I have a 2011 SEL and the DRL is the headlights at 40% pulsed power. I have asked some Ford dealers if they can change the DRL and they all say no.
  6. Thomas

    What Color (Colour) is your Ford Edge or MKX?

    We found the Earth Metallic at a great (used) price here in Ontario. (didnt see that option in your pick list) Rather cold much of the time and having any sun really heats things up in a dark car. The interior is the black leather, would have preferred the cream seats, but as said, a great deal. By the way - researched quite a bit for the mid-size SUV and CUV. Nothing came close to the Edge with the options and performance of Ford. Love it. Closest domestic is the Enclave, but at $10k more, even used.
  7. Thomas

    Do all 2011 Edge's have MFT?

    Ditto for me, same as Gator. We searched for one without specifically to not have the headaches. We have a 2011 SEL with Canadian pkg (leather and sunroof). Couldnt be happier, still have all the steering wheel controls as in the picture, so its just as easy to change things. The "auto" environment control is a great feature too. We had a 2004 Pacifica which was the first regular production car to have many upgrade features, but even its cabin control wasnt this good. Cheers
  8. Thomas

    HIR1 Headlight Bulbs

    Thanks wlepse. By the numbers there isnt much gain, but some. HIR2 is rated at 1900 lumens, and the HIR1 is 2350 lumens. I am really just looking for alternates to HID, which are about 3000 lumens anyway.
  9. Thomas

    HIR1 Headlight Bulbs

    Is anyone aware if the HIR1 bulb can be used in place of the HIR2 halogen bulb? Any concerns with the higher power draw, 65 Watt versus 55 Watt. I have halogen capsule, with projector lens. Thanks, Thomas
  10. "Ford Edge 2011" Any hints on how to open the various lens? Any sweet spots for a flat driver? Thanks,
  11. Thomas

    Running Boards

    I am a new owner of a 2011 EDGE SEL. Looking around at after market additions I see that Ford doesn't offer OEM running boards. Went to my local dealer and the parts dept confirms they don't sell them. Also looking at a bug screen, but there seems to be a lot of sales points. Any recommendations of good after-market parts? I am in Ontario Canada and don't really want to import from the US. Thanks