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  1. ^ yeah this is where I get off the bus. I suspect you are being obtuse for the sake of being obtuse, per usual. It baffles me how you couldn't get behind something that 'might' increase/benefit the general safety of the motoring public. Burned out bulbs < safety of family and friends in my books. But whatever.
  2. Sorry, but I don't need study data to confirm what I've personally witnessed over the last couple of decades. IMHO all vehicles should have DRLs. Full stop. I also think all vehicles should have auto headlamps. If I had a dollar for every vehicle (mostly foreign I might add) that is driving around at dusk with no tail lamps on, well, I'd be wealthier.
  3. Wow. Normally I tend to agree with your slant on things, however blunt. But this comment leaves me scratching my head. How the heck can some additional vehicle illumination NOT help in all kinds of driving? Something that makes your vehicle more visible can ONLY aid safety. To think otherwise is, to my notion, absolutely foolish. Since we've had mandatory DRLs here for many years, when I visit my sister in the Midwest it strikes me immediately how helpful they actually are in all sorts of driving situations. Especially these days with an aging population with questionable vision and the omnipresent distracted driver.
  4. Like what I see so far... Wish there was more wood on the interior, and the half wood steering wheel out of the new Explorer Platinum. Otherwise, bring it on!!
  5. Trying to play devil's advocate here for a moment but how many miles do you have on your tires? If they are still the original set maybe what you are experiencing is simply the reduction of traction that less-than-new treads in the poor weather.
  6. Joe, how would you rate the refinement of the MkC power train relative to your X?
  7. Holy misleading thread title, Batman! What a difference a question mark would make.
  8. Cars use physical sensors (switches) to determine whether to deploy airbags? Thought that was old tech and that late model used the accelerometers in the steering column or some such.
  9. I was pulled over by the police recently (I think she was bored... I was barely over the limit) and I was surprised that my hazard switch was an actual switch... Not just a touch sensitive button like my edge was. Maybe they decided to change it back due to the confusion
  10. Driver's seat belt motor? Pretensioner I assume? Why would that blow off but not the airbag? Glad you are ok regardless... I've had some close calls with deer myself through the years.
  11. I've been leary about first year models since my factory ordered, fully loaded, 2010 GMC Terrain back in September 2009. It was my first brand new vehicle and was built then parked for over a month before being released. I had many issues with it - some major and others minor - and it cost me big to dump it after just a year. To be honest, of all the vehicles I've owned over the years I would say my Edge was the best in terms of quality, squeaks, rattles and such. My MKX after 18 months and 12,000 km has an internal symphony of rattles - and the speaker grilles vibrate with any kind of bass when the radio is on. It's kind of a shame when the $20,000 rental Hyundai I had was so solid considering it was worth a third of what my Lincoln was. Maybe that's the downside to an older platform. I have high hopes for the next MKX but I will only buy one if it has been out for a year or so.
  12. Riiiiiiight. Keep your '13 then! The new Sport will run circles around the old one in pretty much every way.
  13. 10-4. Imagine 365 lb ft all available down low..... mmmmm. I'm excited for the next MKX with this engine (or something more powerful). Just hope they screw it together better than the one I have... At under 6,000 miles there's more interior rattles, squeaks and pops than the 1990 Jeep Cherokee I used to have! My 11 Edge was definitely better assembled.
  14. Don't know about good. What did the RWD 3.5EB lose compared to the FWD 3.5EB? Something like 65 lb-ft?
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