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  1. FordGuru

    Ford Authorized performance modifications

    your mustang is reflashed every time you go in for service?! please elaborate on this!!! not true. there are 100's of 1,000's of updates out there for ford vehicles out there. we update anywhere between 15 to 50 a day for various concerns. an update is nothing more than altered configurations, parameters, and or guidelines in which the modules communicate between each other
  2. FordGuru

    Suggested Service 700.00!

    30,000 service : oil change - 19.95 - 59.95 rotate and balance - 39.95 - 79.95 air filter - 30 - 40 alignment - 69.95 - 149.95 trans service - 169.99 - 229.95 rear brake clean and adjust - 34.95 - 59.95 just a quick breakdown from a service advisor of current going rates on a typical 30000 mile service. now, here's my gripe with your advisors attempt. judging by your sig you have a 2011 edge. well according to ford motor company, the fluid is good for 150,000 miles under normal conditions. since NONE of us drive in normal condtions i agree that trans fluid has to be changed out earlier, but not 120,000 miles earlier. my technicians inspect the fluid at every service and pull a sample for the customer every 30,000. i usually see the need to flush at or around 90,000
  3. yeah, he's hookin me up with an upgrade for my 10
  4. gotcha...didn't know about that!
  5. negative ghost rider..lol...i've tried i've done the tape over the tab method, erasing with IDS, full format, DOS format, everything, to no avail...
  6. FordGuru

    Digital Cameras...

    thanks man! i'm really pushing myself to get more distinctive and deeper shots. i'm ordering my nifty fifty tonite. and i believe next week i'll be ordering a Hoya filter kit from b&h. its not quite as good and b-w but hoya filters from what ive read are still really good quality and strength. but the hoya kit come with a nd, cpl, and uv filter
  7. FordGuru

    Digital Cameras...

    here are some shots from savannah and hilton head from our vacation. tell me what you think! especially the more experienced shooters. i want some feedback from everyone.
  8. FordGuru

    Need Guidance on what to do with Ford !

    torque steer only occurs on hard accel. i doubt that at 24,000 kms he's experiencing torque steer all the time, lol.... and according to original poster he said he put new winter tires on, so that's gonna eliminate the possibility of rotating tires to get rid of the issue. here are the questions i'd like answered. 1.) what speeds do experience the pull? (0-40 kms? 40-75 kms? 75 and above? all speeds, regardlees?) 2.) do you feel the pull during braking? 3.) what is the condition of the inside of the rotor and pad on the drivers side? ( if you have an issue with a bad caliper bracket it can keep the spring clip on the brake pad from releasing the pad and create excess brake drag which will create the pull.)
  9. FordGuru

    Sexual references

    LOL...thats why i havent back to the VA since i discharged. they have got to be getting some kind of extra funding for PTSD cases because myself and everyone i knew from my unit was told we have PTSD. i don't discount the validity of true PTSD diagnoses, but to say an entire unit with what i consider minimal combat exposure, is a bit ludicris
  10. tyhler at oemnavigation.com should be able to help you out
  11. FordGuru

    Replacing stock subwoofer

    interesting! i will definitely keep that in mind a little later this summer. i'm doing the nav upgrade from the factory 6 cd at the end of the month and shortly after that will be replacing the factory door speakers shortly after that, then i'm sure it will be on to the subwoofer. and since its mommas ride, i gotta keep it looking 100% stock. lol. so what kind of door speakers you running Dingo? from talking to you on here you strike me as the type who wants to maintain a good crisp sound with just a little more depth and punch than provided by factory, which is exactly what i'm looking for.
  12. FordGuru

    Replacing stock subwoofer

    care to explain heavily?
  13. it is different according to the diagram. the yellow/green is a constant hot on my truck.
  14. FordGuru

    Vacation! Here We Come

    awesome! we love savannah! one of the most amazing and beautiful cities i've ever been to, and trust me, i've been to quite a few. hope you guys enjoy your visit down there. if we get a chance to go to savannah this weekend i may shoot you a PM
  15. FordGuru

    Vacation! Here We Come

    just thought i'd post up that me and the girl and her family are headed down to Hilton Head this afternoon to spend the next week in a friends beachfront condo. If any of you are in that area hit me up!