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  1. Yes. Much more. And flash to pass is fantastic. Instant on, full brightness. No warm-up. That being said, I didn't like how the lower middle of the beams had a dark spot. Even though driving at night was a pleasure, I felt like I needed some more light directly in front of the car. Well, originally, they looked like this: That little horn at the top is good for reflectors, but makes the dark spot on projectors. On reflectors, it kills glare to oncoming cars. On our projectors with the shutter, this isn't a concern. With the okay from PIAA, I cut them off. This is obviously before I cleaned them up and reinstalled, but the result was fantastic. If I were any happier, I'd poop a clown. Oh, and last night, I did the drive from Knoxville back to Atlanta (3.5 hours) with the horn still on them. Very relaxing and they worked great.
  2. I had 55w TRS HIDs. I went through 4 ballasts. The HIDs make a brighter hot spot right in front of the car, but the LEDs definitely make for better driving.
  3. In a perfect world, we'd all run an LED projector low beam that is properly engineered and a denso HID reflector high beam. This isn't a perfect world and not everyone is made out of money.
  4. That's a total retrofit. For $200ish, I'm pleased. And you obviously haven't driven a new s550. Those LED headlights are fantastic.
  5. I used to buy all kinds of stuff from them, but I started having quality and supply issues. I have several hundred dollars of their dead stuff sitting here...
  6. They're about equally reliable.
  7. Thanks! I've kind of had a lot going on personally and professionally. I spent some time on the phone with PIAA's R&D guy today. Most of their testing thus far ha been on reflector lights. Mine is one of a handful of projectors that have been done thus far. I haven't seen them in reflectors, but I imagine they'd do well. In case anybody doesn't know, PIAA is actually a decades old legitimate company that makes very high end stuff. Kind of a Japanese version of Hella. Retail is $300, but they can be had for a little less.
  8. So I got some PIAA LED lights. Good pattern (In Daylight): Low: High: At night: Low: High: Installation wasn't too unbearably bad. Had to trim a tab with a Dremel. I highly recommend them.
  9. I have a bigger model of that one. It'll stick to the dash, but the cup is too big for in front of the shifter. I stuck mine to the grey (wood in a limited) piece to the right of the radio.
  10. I've got 6% on the sides, 16% from the b-pillars back and sunroofs, and 33% on the windshield. Couldn't be happier.
  11. Dingo

    Remove relays

    I use a right angle pick.
  12. Well, it's basically just a clamp on the rear view mirror stalk. Mine's more complicated because of all of the other crap I have going on up there.
  13. My new Blendmount that Dingo Claus brought!
  14. Mine works great, but it's aftermarket.