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  1. TRMN8TR

    I really HATE this new format

    I use to enjoy this forum, now I can’t stand this new format. Pits been fun but I won’t be coming back
  2. TRMN8TR

    It’s all in the details...

    He sells other emblems on eBay but he didn’t have the Sport emblems. I supplied the artwork he needed to make them and I ordered them. His name is Rog at DeVries DeSigns. Contact him and I’m sure he will make them, he already has the template to make them
  3. I installed the power stop rotors and carbon ceramic pads, I love them.
  4. I installed the power stop rotors and carbon ceramic pads, I love them.
  5. Lund Racing, Livernois, Unleased Tuning....... Stay very far away from hypertech canned tunes
  6. TRMN8TR

    It’s all in the details...

    .......I had these gel emblems made to replace the Weathertech floor liners emblems on my Edge Sport, most people wouldnt even notice, but its the little things that matter. Lol
  7. No, it’s Ford Remote Access
  8. The range on my 14 Sport was terrible so i installed the ford remote access system
  9. TRMN8TR

    Are the Sport 22" wheels "plastic clad"?

    No they are not
  10. TRMN8TR

    2014 Performance Mods?

    Drop in K&N and a tune, beyond that you’re wasting your $$$$$$$$
  11. TRMN8TR

    Powerstop brake components

    Put them on my14 Sport, love them.
  12. I installed them last year. I love them
  13. Your buddy Benny at Levittown Ford should be able to tell you exactly what you need plus activate the system for you.
  14. Read on this thread on the F150 forums, its the same parts for your Edge. Contact Benny at Levittown Ford Parts on that site, he is hands down the most knowledgeable person you can talk to about this system. https://www.f150forum.com/f38/ford-remote-access-app-smart-phones-201915/index137/ Ive had remote access in my 2012 SEL and now my 2014 Sport, I did the installation, piece of cake. Benny will walk you through the whole process along with activating the system for you. Good luck Ps- let him know if youre in the U.S. or Canada.