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  1. us11csalyer

    Where do you park?!

    Ever since we got our Edge it seems that some jackass will try to park close enough to where one of us can't get in. Only happens when we go to stores in Springfield when we are visiting family.
  2. us11csalyer

    Sexual references

    Yeah I got out and a few years later I got a new doctor at the VA. That is when I got sent to mental health and diagnosed with PTSD. If you got discharged last year or sooner then probably your PTSD diagnoses was pushed because there was been an uproar on how the Military has been missing it on discharged. (Like they did with me) The Army diagnosed me with Asthma lol. In reality it was PTSD.
  3. us11csalyer

    Edge. Wife car or Guy car?

    I don't think it has a Gender stuck to it. I see it as a "new family getting started in this world SUV".
  4. us11csalyer


    I would love to know the number... Hi, umm would you take 200.00 for your piece of shit civic? ( I know it isn't a civic nor honda)
  5. us11csalyer

    Iphone 4/4s picture upload to gallery?

    We have an aftermarket Alpine in-dash GPS unit and we have to load photos from CDs. Our I-Phone 4Ss don't work on it. We just got the GPS from Bestbuy so still trying to figure it out. I know my mother in law's 2012 Jeep Grand SRT won't let her upload from her I-phone 4S or her I-pod.
  6. us11csalyer

    Where do you park?!

    I always park near a store camera. That why if something does happen it should be on tape. I try to avoid parking next to ricers and black people. Just kidding on the black people part.
  7. us11csalyer

    Sexual references

    I had my normal check up at the VA and they concluded that I need to be evaluated for something because I have PTSD and I have this "gift" to where I can turn any and everything into a sexual reference. I don't see an issue with seeing sexual jokes in everything...
  8. us11csalyer

    Turbo Build For 2008 Ford Edge 3.5L

    No I was talking about what speed mafia was referring to. They made a Procharger kit for my last car (3g eclipse) but there wasn't a big demand for it.
  9. us11csalyer

    Turbo Build For 2008 Ford Edge 3.5L

    I must be missing something here. I was under the impression a turbo used the hot gases to spin up. And from my understanding the pressure driving the turbo is from hot gases. Soooo how does letting the exhaust gases cool and dense work in regards to this turbo being on par with a normal turbo? Isn't exhaust gases for a turbo suppose to be not dense to create pressure passing over the turbine?
  10. us11csalyer

    Turbo Build For 2008 Ford Edge 3.5L

    One of those superchargers that looks like a turbo but runs off the belt for power would be similar. It won't make the same kind of HP a normal turbo would but with our tranny being the weak link it would be an idea.
  11. us11csalyer

    engine missing on initial acceleration

    I played the "I think it is this" game with my last car. It to was an intermittent problem and after replacing relays, starter, ect I finally took it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. Turned out to be a short in a wire to the ECU. If you get no codes do yourself a favor and get it diagnosed by a professional. IMO you're risking your's and other's safety by driving your automobile in it's current state.
  12. us11csalyer

    Oil Pan Gasket....

    Gee what happen to the just jacking the engine up a little, undoing engine mount, bolts to oil pan method... http://howtobyme.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-to-replace-oil-pan-on-ford-edge-and.html <<< detailed instructions...
  13. us11csalyer

    3.5 V6 VS. 2.0 ECOBOOST

    I love the 3.5. IMO way better then some 2.0 with turbo lag. Now if they offered a 2.4 with the turbo that is actually two turbos then I'd be all over it. Small turbo for low end and larger turbo for mid-high. What is the point in having a tow package on a 2.0 with little to no boost at low RPMs?
  14. us11csalyer

    3.5 V6 VS. 2.0 ECOBOOST

    A little off topic but has anyone heard if Ford might make a Edge with the v6 eco boost?
  15. us11csalyer

    Turbo Build For 2008 Ford Edge 3.5L

    Who knows. Maybe Ford will come out with a v6 flex fuel Edge. Kind of like the SRT version of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.