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  1. 2 weeks into the new Throttle Body...Stalling AGAIN. Same situation, on the highway going at about 110 km/h speed! We change out the air filter as it was dirty anyways....we have no idea what more to do at this point
  2. Just an update! Got the throttle body installed on the Edge and it seems to drive better. This applies for how well the car accelerates from a simple red light as well! There is no more of that harsh thrust sometimes I get when I'm accelerating from a complete stop. And also, no more stalling (hopefully)!! Sorry for the late update, things have been crazy busy lately.
  3. Read it, was extremely concerned, starting laughing, but since I thought it was real, felt bad for laughing and thought to myself how much of a bad person I am. You sir just made me go through an emotional roller coaster
  4. Picture isn't adding on for some reason. Haven't got it installed yet as we are installing it ourselves, so they charged us $73 for the part. I will let you all know once we install it ourself.
  5. Just an update! Got the part today, it looks like a throttle body to me unless it's missing something...or my google image skills suck :P And we weren't charged anything else other than the $73...no complaints here!
  6. Thanks for your reply Todd and 2011edgese, Picked the car up from the dealership today. We decided to get the Throttle Body changed out regardless as I would rather pay than risk my family being hurt. The price wasn't as bad as we thought, they charged us around $73 just for the parts and it will be ready for pick up on Saturday. I got them to confirm the pricing multiple times because I thought that it would cost more, so I guess we'll see on Saturday whether or not they ordered the right part in!
  7. So, second day at the dealership. They are not fixing anything since they can't "duplicate the problem". They asked me if I knew how to duplicate it, I told them if I did we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. Contacted Ford Canada, and they said the same thing as the dealership. Does anyone have any tricks to get the car to stall?
  8. Welcome and Congrats on the Edge!! Looking at the price...still is cheaper than in Canada I really don't get how the pricing works here
  9. Sorry, when I said "decelerate" I literally meant that the engine stalls. If I'm on a 5 lane highway (i.e. 400 in Canada) where everyone on average is going about 110 km/h, it's snowing, rush hour, and my engine decides to stall, I'm in a situation where I have to be quickly changing multiple lanes while not having the assurance that the people behind me have enough traction or distance to brake in time. Moreover, I may not have the traction to change lanes in time, and I can't guarantee that with whatever power my car has left, it will be able to take me to the emergency lanes. Factor in that I may have kids in the car, and any situation that may put them in this kind of harm is a dangerous situation to me.
  10. Hi Everyone, A little late to the conversation, but thank you all so far for the information provided here. My car as well has had this happen twice in the last 2 weeks. Both times were on the highway, both times we were going about 110 km/h when suddenly the car would begin to shake, and the check engine light would come on. Then the car would begin to decelerate, both times I was fortunate enough to swerve into the emergency lane, however I wouldn't have been that lucky if it was during rush hour. As of now it's still in the dealership, and as they can't duplicate anything, they're telling us that in a few hours we might need to take it home. The mechanic said he "thinks" it's the throttle body, but they are unable to do anything unless they're sure. Everything should still be under warranty as the car was purchased on Feb 28th 2011, if that matters at all. It's a 2011 SEL AWD with only about 30,000 km on it. Has anyone been having any luck with their dealership? Especially the ones that were told initially that the problem can't be duplicated? I don't even want to think of how dangerous this can be if the whole family is in the car. Thank you all in advance.
  11. CCL123

    Edge 2

    I have to say that I didn't know how good the Style package wood look especially with red...but it looks AMAZING!!!
  12. Where is the outside temperature now? I might be blind but I was trying to find it today and I had no clue where it was
  13. And I think they BOTH look really good
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