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    New Edge Owner Looking for headlight upgrade

    jeez such a tough question?
  2. thanks for posting this question, helped me out a bunch.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm new here and I was wondering if any from California could let me know a good place to buy California legal headlights. I'm looking for an upgrade from stock and it seems that a lot aftermarket headlight aren't California legal or will not ship to California. I looked through a few thread but I couldn't find anyone from California who has tried this. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Steveo
  4. Steveoliv

    Exhaust Size

    I'm not sure I just interested in this question, hopefully this bump will get you and me some answers =)
  5. Steveoliv

    California legal intake

    Hi Guys, Just bought a 2008 Edge and wanted to do a few mods to it. I want to add an intake and can't seem to find one that is legal in California. Has anyone found a California legal intake? Thanks Steveo