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  1. I was wondering if anyone know if someone makes a direct replacement headlight unit with the amber reflector removed or modified to clear/smoke? I scoured the forums and Google search and came up with nothing except the two pictures attached. It's exactly what I'm looking for, but the sites they were on gave no indication if these were for sale somewhere or a possible DIY modification. Any help would be great, thanks! UPDATE: Not sure how I missed this, but here is the page where they are being sold in China, unfortunately for an extremely high price that only includes an HID kit with it. Have any DIYers just removed or replaced just the amber section in the housing? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-SUV-2011-Ford-Edge-headlight-6000-4300K-hid-bulb-CCFL-angel-eyes-optional-ballast/730537055.html
  2. picturemerollin

    New front and rear Emblems

    That's too funny about the head turning - I find the same exact thing here in Phoenix! I see a TON of Edge's - just not any Sports. In fact, I just saw the first Sport that I had ever seen here yesterday!
  3. picturemerollin

    New front and rear Emblems

    Awesome! Did you reuse the rubber piece or add some new double-sided tape?
  4. picturemerollin

    New front and rear Emblems

    Was the rear emblem removal fairly simple? Any chance you could describe the process or have additional pics taking it off? Thanks!
  5. picturemerollin

    Sport Grille Emblem/Chrome Surround Blackout [PICS]

    On my Sport there is no chrome surround on the back tailgate - just them emblem itself. This isn't my car (I did a quick Google search) but in this picture I found you can see it's just the emblem:
  6. picturemerollin

    Sport Grille Emblem/Chrome Surround Blackout [PICS]

    Thanks! All in it cost me $145 ($45 for the emblem, $25 for the new chrome surround and $75 to paint the surround). Definitely doing the back emblem as well - I ordered it the same time I ordered the front emblem. When I get it done I'll post some pics!
  7. I had searched a bunch on the forum to see if anyone had blacked out the front grille emblem and chrome surround but it seemed as if everything I found was either an overlay or plasti-dip. I really wanted the front grille to have a blacked out "stock" appearance so I ended up going to my local Ford dealership and ordering a new chrome surround (part number BT4Z-8200- and having them paint it tuxedo black to match the rest of the grille. For the emblem I hit up ebay - there are quite a few sellers that offer the emblem in black (9in by 3.5in). Installing the emblem onto the surround was a breeze - the seller included two self-threading washers. I took a look at the stock emblem/chrome surround and there was no adhesive between the two, so I stuck with no adhesive on my new parts. Getting the newly put together emblem/surround only took about 30 minutes. I removed two bolts and 4 plastic screws from the top of the grille - this gave the grille just enough give that I could fit my arm in between the grille and the radiator to pop the stock emblem/surround out from the inside (there are three tabs that hold it in place). With a little muscle the new blacked out emblem/grille popped into place. Before / After Shots I figured I would share for anyone that was looking to do something similar. Cheers!