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    2013 Ford Edge SEL Finance Takeover

    You are correct. I purchased the car through Ford Finance Canada and they will do a transfer of financing to the new buyer, as long as they get approved, for a $450 fee which I will pay for. The main reason, like you mentioned, for me having to sell this car is because I am moving from Canada to the US and need a title in order to import the car. I will miss my Edge, probably the best car ive owned.
  2. svashi15

    2013 Ford Edge SEL Finance Takeover

    I will also give the buyer $1000 cash.
  3. Hi, I am moving from Canada to the US and just purchased a 2013 Ford Edge SEL with 2.0L Ecoboost Engine. It is Tuxedo Black with Black Leather interior. It also has a remote starter (2 Keys have Starter Control, 2 extra keys = 4 keys total). I am looking for someone to take over my monthly payments. I live in Mississauga, ON. Monthly Payments are = $685/Month which was done at 0% Financing. I have had the car for about 2 months and there is less than 6000km total. Also I had purchased the Ford Maintenance Package which includes all maintenance for the next 5 years/100000km. Please contact by phone at 416-254-1499 for more info. I can provide photos if needed. Thanks.
  4. svashi15

    2013 Edge SEL Speakers

    Thanks for all the advice. Just wondering if the subwoofer can be swapped as well without adding an amp? Also since this is a 6 speaker stereo, how come most people arent changing the last 2?
  5. svashi15

    2013 Edge SEL Speakers

    Thanks for the info. I noticed you added two harnesses. How do these get installed? Are these at the speaker or at the head unit? Is it easy to install on my own or should i take it to a professional?
  6. Hi Everyone, I just got a 2103 Ford Edge SEL about 3 months ago and am looking to upgrade the speakers. I would like to only change the speakers without adding an amp (for the moment). I have been looking online, but cant seem to find what sizes the speakers are (Crutchfield doesnt have 2013 Edge as an option etc...). Anyone know this information and have any suggestions on what speakers to get? Thanks in advance....