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    Wiper Blades

    On my own I found the Bosch Icons, and they went on no issues, there are different part numbers for the driver and passenger side. Only thing, is the the passenger side hits the upper corner of the windshield frame slightly, making a noise. Checked to make sure I had it fully seated on the wiper arm, but nothing seems out of place.
  2. uspc40

    I did it now! Team RXP 2020 dual catch can kit

    I got my 2020 ST last August, roughly 20k miles on it. Is an oil separator really necessary? People seem to like the J&L, just wondering if this is necessary, or just engine bling.....
  3. uspc40

    Running Boards

    I installed the Black Horse Peerless running boards. Very nice.
  4. uspc40

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1998 Explorer 2003 Navigator 2008 Expedition 2012 Expedition 2020 Edge ST
  5. uspc40

    Dragon's Tail and an EDGE ST

    I did the Tail a few Wednesdays ago. I have considered taking my Edge up there.
  6. uspc40

    My other ride!

    Nice! Here's mine.
  7. Just purchased my new to me 2020 Edge ST, about 17k miles. Last time I had an exciting car was before I got married in 1994. So far the twin turbos are a lot of fun! Being somewhat old school I worry a bit about all of the very cool electronic gadgets breaking, but will deal with that when it happens. Before I went full family vehicle I had an Explorer, Expedition, and Navigator. Then came the (yawn) Subaru Outback 4 cylinder. Still reacquainting myself with the size of the Edge, but enjoying the acceleration.