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  1. goatee

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    I have had 2 Edge Limited's with the V6 and loved both of them. I personally think the 4 cyl. is too small for a vehicle this size and don't like the noise it makes either. Rotary gearshifter is also a huge turnoff.
  2. goatee

    Back seat rattle

    I actually put myself in a kneeling position on the floor while my daughter drove it over all kinds of surfaces. It seemed like the rattle came from a bolt that held the seat to the floor. I brought it in to the dealer, they found a soda can wedged between the seats that had exploded and said the rattle was caused by this. Long story short, the rattle persisted and I just learned to live with it. 2011 Edge Ltd awd.
  3. goatee

    Considering A New Edge

    I have owned 2 Limited awd models both with the V6. Great engine, ample effortless power. I would get the 3.5 V6 while you still can. I am hearing it may be eliminated for 2019 in favor of an all turbo engine lineup.
  4. goatee

    Long Term Reliability

    What about the 2.0 or 2.7L engine that is in the Edge and MKX?
  5. goatee

    2015 To 2018 Floormats

    To each his own right.. I never liked the Weather Tech or factory all season mats because during the snow or rain, it just seems like I was just dragging water and slush in the car and it would just stay there. That dirty and salty water would then create another set of problems with my shoes or pants. In both my 08 and 11 Edge's, I had a set of carpeted all weather Catch-All mats that were molded and fit perfectly, even in the cargo area. When they got dirty, I just hosed them off, dried off overnight and popped them back in just like new. I think the company went out of business. I tried to find them for my current cars, so disappointed. I think I was probably one of the few who appreciated them.
  6. goatee

    2016 Panoramic Moonroof won't close

    You know what is somewhat maddening to me is the fact that the BAMR is a forced option for those who want the better equipment that come with the 301 and 302 packages for the Titanium model. I have always felt that my BAMR was a problem waiting to happen. Ford needs to make this a stand alone option as in the Sport Model or give us the option of deleting it from the packages. This feature has been on the Edge since its inception, you think they would have gotten it right by now! Too bad.
  7. goatee

    Future of Edge

    I have been following this site for a long time. I noticed this year that I am seeing any enthusiasm for the 2018 MY as in recent years. Seems like in the past, information about the upcoming model year's always created a lot of interest. Not so much this year. Any thoughts?
  8. I actually did this in 2011. Let me explain. I had a 2008 Edge AWD Ltd. with 38,000 miles. I don't remember how much I put down at the time (been a long time). The 3 year lease was set to expire and I wanted the newer style 2011 Edge. My end lease purchase price was $18,000 so I bought it. The dealer then offered me $26K as a trade in for it. I took the trade in deal and ordered my 2011 Ltd. AWD. Otherwise I never would have done it.
  9. My first thought is the Vista Roof on the option packages for the Titanium trim levels. Of course, the vista roof delete option should be by special order only. Its just not for everyone.
  10. I agree with the folding mirrors and fog lights. As for the 9 speed, I agree that this is going to happen, I just feel that it will bring a lot of problems with it. Unless the mpg gain is considerable, why change what isn't broken? And please fix those cooled seats.
  11. goatee

    Coolant leak found during prebuy inspection

    If you didn't already buy it then I agree. Run away from this deal. Nobody needs another problem to deal with.
  12. I would like to see a chrome wheel option. Chrome clad or not I don't care as I never had any trouble with them.
  13. I would like the ability to delete the power panoramic sunroof (with credit) from option packages 301A or 302A. The power panoramic sunroof is not right for everyone. Please consider this.
  14. I have had two of them. Zero problems on either. My current edge with 75K miles, runs perfectly on regular fuel.
  15. goatee

    Build dates for 2016 Model

    Does anyone know about when MY16 will end and MY17 will start?