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  1. 2FAST4U

    3.5 V6 More Performance?

    That's one thing I also noticed... Back when I had my '16 Titanium with the V6 engine, I wanted to improve it's performance a little but all I could find were tuners, air intakes and exhaust systems for the 2.0L or the Sport models but nothing for the N/A 3.5L V6...
  2. I don't like big screens which look "added-on", like if someone forgot to order one from the factory and just stuck an iPad on top of the dashboard. Although the current one is not as large it looks better, "molded in" the dash board, not sticking out! Claude.
  3. 2FAST4U

    How To Delete things....

    This site s**cks. 💩
  4. 2FAST4U

    How To Delete things....

    I would also like to know... I posted an ad for a vehicle for sale and because it did not generate any interest and no one replied, not even once, I'd like to delete the whole thread and move on... Moderators help...maybe? Anyone can help please? Claude.
  5. One beautiful 2016 Edge Titanium loaded with every option (except parking assist)... -Only 58,000 KILOMETERS - V6 engine - AWD - Remote starter - Comes with both 20" winter and summer tire sets - Heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel - 2 DVD PLAYERS in front headrests (for rear passengers) - AM, FM CD player, + Navigation system updated with Apple Car Play and Android Auto - Cruise control, tilt steering wheel - Voice-activated commands - "Double honk" horn feature disabled and lane changing flasher updated to 6 flashes (instead of 3) with Forscan - Back up camera - "Hands-free" opening of tailgate - Full width lighted led taillights - USB and 120V. connections - Full length panoramic glass roof - Gloss black console inserts - Clear protective film on hood, front bumper, headlights and mirrors - Anti-rust treatment - RARE two year-only color (Electric Spice) Car is all original, never involved in any accident, no repaint anywhere... --> Vehicle is in beautiful condition, you will not find a nicer one like this anywhere! Asking $25,000. CANADIAN or any reasonable offer. (514) 918-6421 toofastforyou@sympatico.ca thank you! Claude.
  6. Well this is not my truck but it's exactly like mine and these are the led's headlights are the same too. Claude.
  7. Never seen those installed but I assume that they would give a more "modern" look to your Edge and also give you a lot better lighting. I did install similar units on my '08 Ford F-350 and I find it makes the truck look more "newer". I'd say "GO FOR IT"! Claude.
  8. 2FAST4U

    End of an Era

    Really?... I didn't know that... ... but one thing I know is that Mazda did have the Kona Blue, code "L6" in 2011. Claude. P.S: What's a "2011 MY for Gen 1.5" ??
  9. 2FAST4U

    End of an Era

    Well I didn't "tinker" much with my new '19 Titanium other than getting rid of the "double honk" and changing the lane changing flasher to 6 flashes (instead of 3). I had a friend of mine do it for me using the Forscan program. Claude.
  10. 2FAST4U

    End of an Era

    "WWWPerfA_ZN0W", why do you say "the exclusiveness (though tragically) to the 2011 year for the Edge/MKX lineup" ? Please enlighten me... Thanks, Claude. and "omar302", "Kona Blue" did return in 2016 but it was a lighter shade, not as dark as in 2011. I'm not even sure if it was still called "Kona Blue" in 2016... Here are two more pics of my girlfriend's '11 MKX ...
  11. 2FAST4U

    End of an Era

    That's a lot of BLUE!... But seriously, congratulations on your "new" Edge! Claude. P.S: Speaking of blue, here's my girlfriend's 2011 Lincoln MKX in KONA BLUE...
  12. Wow... I just saw the picture of your wrecked '15!... Glad you got out of it alive! About your "new" '18 Sport, It looks beautiful...The stance, the wheels, and especially the color... looks great! Personally, it's the grille which I'm not too crazy of, but other than that, it looks beautiful! Great job! Claude.
  13. 2FAST4U

    Looking to see about selling rims

    Why not?... Claude.
  14. 2FAST4U

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    Nick, just by looking at them on top of the boxes I don't really see a difference when compared with the original ones... Please post pictures "before" and "after" once installed to make it easier to compare! Thanks, Claude.
  15. 2FAST4U

    Blackout chrome

    Well you can't wrap these because of they got too hot... The only good way I can think of would be to have them powdercoated a kind of semi-flat black. Claude.