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  1. I haven't found anything wrong with the back glass on mine… In which area does yours have a defect? Claude.
  2. Yes!…I have the exact same problem on mine ('19 Titanium) in the exact same spot as you're saying (a little left of the rear view mirror on the driver's side) but haven't complained to my dealer about it … yet. I have to admit that it's not that big of a problem to me 'cause it's rather close to the mirror so I'm hesitating to have it replaced and risk the glass guys scratching the paint, or damaging the mouldings, etc… Claude.
  3. After entering my Edge's serial number, I tried entering the "ESN" number but it won't let me enter all the digits…only thew first 6 or 7 digits but not the whole number!… Claude
  4. 2FAST4U

    Smallest Wheel Size on Ford Edge 2015

    Not sure if 17" wheels will fit on newer Edges ('15-'19) … They did fit on older ones ('06 -'14) I know because my father-in-law has an '07 MKX with 17's on it. Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U


    Sorry to say but if everything you tried still doesn't work, you should take in to a Ford dealer…not because I doubt about your abilities but rather because sometimes they have special dealer-only diagnostic tools to find more complicated problems... Good luck, Claude.
  6. Unfortunately, being from the province of Quebec, Canada, I never had the chance to meet anyone from this forum… Waaaaa! Claude.
  7. 2FAST4U

    Question Regarding Paint on Hood

    Sorry but cannot open these "HEIC" files…
  8. 2FAST4U

    2020 Edge not Available?

    "oskar27", I see that were both from Quebec province… In which region are you located? Claude.
  9. 2FAST4U

    Did you guys read that ?

    Very likely because what was being said in that post was wrong, misleading and only gave some bad advice simple as that. Claude.
  10. I don't know if you guys read this thread entitled "You already have a vacum pump to change PTU oil" but I think it's the stupidest thread I've read in a long time. ---> The guy who posted this can't be serious… Do you really think that sending all that old oil full possibly full of metal particles into the engine is a safe thing to do?… Think of all the dirt you'll be sending inside your engine, not counting the damage that can be done to the exhaust system's components (foul the catalytic converter and also the oxygen sensors, etc…) I think that writing dumb posts like that is simply giving members here some truly bad advice! If you don't believe me, ask your Ford dealer about doing this and see what they'll say…
  11. "Chipster", I have a small car cleaning business and here's what I'd do: If the gas was spilled onto a carpeted surface, the best thing to do is definitely to remove the carpet from the vehicle so it can be shampooed with detergent, a good brush and rinced with lots of water from a high pressure washer. You might have to repeat this process 2-3 times. After that, let the carpet to dry outside for a few days so the remaining smell will eventually evaporate. If you want (it's up to you) you can buy some car deodorizer and spray some on the finished job before reinstalling it in the car. As for the car's interior metal so you can wash it a mitt, some dishwasher detergent soap, then rince it and wipe it dry with a shammy and that should take care of it. I know it's a job to do but hey…that's what I would do... Hope this helps, good luck, Claude. P.S: I just read what "Haz" wrote and I'd say the baking soda might work too… maybe worth a try!
  12. 2FAST4U

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    "Sexy" ?? How so?? Claude.
  13. Yeah but will the drawer still fit in there?…especially with that fuse panel? Claude.
  14. In my '16 Titanium, there was a little "drawer" to the left of the steering column in which you could store small items but in my new '19, the door is still there (see picture below) but it won't open and there doesn't seem to be any drawer to pull out… There is a door allright but it doesn't seem to be "openable" even if I pull on it. I don't want to pull too hard and risk breaking it off… but my main question is this: Does someone know what's behind this non-removeable door? Claude.