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  1. 2FAST4U

    Had to call the dealer, but he gave me my vin today.

    Wow…I'm jealous!… I saw a blue one at my dealer last week and it was simply gorgeous! When I think about it, I sometimes feel like trading my Titanium for one, but I don't because I feel it wouldn't be reasonable to trade an almost new vehicle with low miles on it... Claude.
  2. 2FAST4U

    Oasis Service report

    I'm not sure what "Oasis" is… …but it is very likely left the assembly plant without the weather strip. These things happen… It happened to us when I noticed that my girlfriend's Mustang was missing a small black moulding above the windshield (one on each corner for convertibles). The previous owner never noticed it and this is why I'm pretty sure it never had one so I bought one ( $70. !! ) and installed myself, problem solved. Claude.
  3. Sorry but I'm looking at the picture but I don't see any water… Claude.
  4. 2FAST4U

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Pretty much like me. I don't have anything to complain about at all. I've read some rants from other members but I don't have any of these problems with my '16 Titanium…No squeaks or rattles, no paint peeling from the front emblem, no condensation in the taillights, etc… Damn near perfect (for me at least)… Yeah it could have a little more power but like you said, "it is what it is" and I can easily live with that. and Yeah but it would look U-G-L-Y, period. If you don't like the shape, why did you buy it in the first place?? Wanted something more "boxy"? Then you should have looked at the Flex. Claude.
  5. I'm using a "Shop Vac" style vacuum and sometimes help free the leaves using use a coat hook to help the vacuum to pick them up. One other trick that sometimes works is to use a high pressure sprayer... Claude.
  6. Easy…I do mine with a vacuum cleaner... Claude.
  7. 2FAST4U

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Yeah but the question is…: Will it be possible to disable it?…even with Forscan??…Who knows! Claude.
  8. 2FAST4U

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Thanks "65SDAK" for your reply… Last week we put the Mustang in storage for the winter time so I'll have to check about that "kazoo tube" next spring, but I know myself and I'll likely leave it on… As for the new ST, I saw my first one earlier this week (the blue looks great!) and all I can say is that if I wasn't so happy with my '16 Titanium, (with the 3.5 V6), I'd be seriously interested in the ST but not the SE, SEL or Titanium because of the ridiculous "that's it, no other choice" 4 cyl engine… ...but the ST?…Yes! Claude.
  9. 2FAST4U

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    My girlfriend just bought herself a 2014 Mustang GT and I saw that pipe on the tube for the air intake system running back to some kind of valve…but I didn't see it going through the firewall… Maybe it's me who didn't look close enough I dunno, but the car is all original and isn't very loud… I wonder what would happen if I disconnected it?…would it be louder or quieter? and Does that mean that if it wasn't for that "noise cancellation system" that the vehicle would actually be louder ? Anyways, I find this a little "gimmicky"… Claude.
  10. 2FAST4U

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Are you saying that the engine's sound comes inside the cabin through the speakers?? …If yes, then WHY??? What's the use for this?? and So no more V6's at all?... No option either? (except for the ST)?... Claude.
  11. Yes. Only the Sport and Titanium have the center bar that lights up. Also, they have different taillights to match the lighting pattern of the center bar. When not lit they look the same but when turned on, only the contour lights up and when using the turn signals, the taillights on the Titanium and Sport models flash in yellow as opposed to the SEL which lights up in red. Hope this helps in clarifying things up a bit... Claude.
  12. They should be a direct fit, no adapters needed. Claude.
  13. 2FAST4U

    2019 Ford Edge Review

    Yep!…Very disappointed that it'll be only available with a 4 cyl. engine… …So glad I have the V6 in mine! Claude.