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  1. 2FAST4U

    Staggered Tire

    Wow "Breze84", great looking car!! Here are a few pics of mine... Claude.
  2. 2FAST4U

    Staggered Tire

    I have the original 20" wheels /tire combo on my car for the winter time but I've upgraded to 22" for the summertime but all are 4 tires are the same size. I guess you can mix tire sizes but in the end what matters is that they all have the same outside diameter. Claude.
  3. 2FAST4U

    Water in spare tire well - 2011 Edge

    Having had my share of bad luck with water leaking into several cars, I'd say go look at another one. Not saying it cannot be fixed but I know from experience that it's one of those things where you know when you start but have no idea when it will end (if it ever does). Good luck in your decision, Claude.
  4. 2FAST4U

    Sprint Booster V3 - For Sale

    Oh...ok so... I'm interested but I wonder if this will work in conjunction with a Livernois tune (which I already have installed)? Also, mine has the 2.0l. engine... Thanks, Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U

    Sprint Booster V3 - For Sale

    oops... already sold...
  6. 2FAST4U

    Lane keeping system

    Do you folks who have the "lane keeping" option use it or disable it? My Edge is a 2019 and I just found out today it had that option by inadvertently pressing the button on the end of the turn signal lever!... Claude.
  7. Could it be the light for the shifter position indicator (PRND321) ? If it's the case, it could attach somewhere under the console's top panel and not in the console itself... or the light which lights in the console compartment?... Does it goes on and off when turning on the headlights? Claude.
  8. I currently own a 2019 Titanium and after looking at the 2020 and coming 2021, I now realize that I just bought the "one to have". The '19 was the last year for the the compartment with a door on top of the dash and the cd player (Also, I've added the small storage compartment to the left of the steering column which came from my previous '16). One last thing is that it has the "normal size" touch screen set inside the dash, unlike the oversized ones which should be in 2021's and look like if Ford forgot about them and added an iPad on the dash. All in all, I'm very happy I bought a '19 which was the "correct" year for me . Claude.
  9. It might be a matter of personal preference but that "big display" is one of the reasons why I would not buy a '21. It looks too much like an afterthought, like if the guys at ford "forgot" about it and just grafted an iPad on the dash... Although mine is smaller (2019), it suits my needs and "does the job" fine. Claude.
  10. Ok makes sense... I stand corrected!.
  11. Sorry but that little card with "10778 X" on it is not the factory code. It's very likely is the code to order new key fobs... The factory unlock code is written on a white card, about the same size as a credit card which comes with the owner's manual booklet and stuff in the glove compartment... usually left inside the car! The best thing to do is to ask your dealer... With a proof of ownership and the car's serial number, they should be able to help. Claude.
  12. It's enough for credit cards, etc... and other "small stuff"... It can't be any longer than that because it would hit the fuse box .