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  1. 2FAST4U

    AM Wheels on edge

    Well I'vwe al;ready posted this picture before on this site but here it is again... The wheels are 22" Velocity's and the tires are Vogue's. ... but I chose to go the opposite trend as you because I went for chrome wheels. Claude.
  2. 2FAST4U

    New ST-Line

    Well I really can't say because I don't drink beer. Eeeeew! Claude
  3. 2FAST4U

    New ST-Line

    "Diminished"??... Naah, I don't think so... It's not too bad as they're going to call it ST Line. It ain't worse that a Z06 'Vette vs. a ZR1, as neither of them is "diminished" Claude.
  4. 2FAST4U

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I've had my '19 Edge Titanium for almost a year now (bought it in July '19) and I must say that the concerns I had about having a 4 cyl. engine instead a V6 (like I had in my '11 MKX and my '16 Edge) were wrong. I find it more "peppier" than the V6 and it takes less gas (maybe in part because of the "start&stop" feature, I dunno) but in the end, I'm very happy with my Edge. Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U

    Collecting license plates

    Sorry but I didn't noticed until now... My bad! Here's a picture below. Thanks, Claude.
  6. After a few days, Livernois sent me a "revised" version of the same tune I had but with the "start&stop" feature enabled.They also told explained that to benefit from the tune, that I needed to fill up with the fuel with the highest octane available. I still have to wait until I'm running low on fuel so I can fill-up with higher octane so until then, I am driving it "easy". Claude.
  7. 2FAST4U

    Vanity plate ideas...

    Nah... I don't want anything vulgar... sorry.
  8. 2FAST4U

    Re-installed my 22" wheels on my new Edge...

    The ride is as good as with the stock wheels. I was expecting it to be more harsh, but surprisingly, it isn't. Claude.
  9. Do all the Edges have this?... or is it only on the ST's? Claude.
  10. Thanks "jmr061"! ... I learned something new about my Edge today. Claude.
  11. I have a "Canadian" 2019 Titanium and I've never seen any switch there. I look at your picture and don't see a switch either. ... So I went outside, got in my Edge, emptied the console and looked all the way to the bottom with as flashlight and still no switch. The only thing I see is the key fob cubby. Claude. P.S: ... unless you're talking about the little vertical slot in the plastic?... (mine also has it)
  12. Since I bought my programmer I always wondered if there were going to be more "hotter" tunes for it. I e-mailed Livernois to ask for better tunes and here's what I wrote: "I did download the program you sent me and although it runs fine, I didn't see such a big improvement over stock so this is why I'm asking. One other thing… Is it possible that the program disabled the engine's "Auto-start and stop" feature?" and this is the reply I got: "Thank you for your inquiry. I am very sorry to hear of this. The tune you have currently shows it's the latest most powerful tune ever released for the 19 Edge 2.0L and is also currently in use on a couple hundred vehicles at this point and we've had nothing but great results and positive feedback from all customers. I've re-written the tune and run it through a comparison app to check the file you have now and it shows everything's spot on as it should be and also shows me that your Automatic Start / Stop system has already been disabled in your tune you currently have as well. So if you believe you have been running the tune this whole time and you are still seeing the start stop system is activated at a stop it honestly sounds like you may not have the custom tuning installed since that's off in all the 2.0L tunes unless a customer specifically asks us to keep it active. If the start stop is on, then it honestly sounds like you may have been using the factory tune all along which would explain why it doesn't feel any more powerful. If something wasn't quite right the last time you tried turning the vehicle it would automatically go into recovery mode and returns the stock tune to the vehicle which I"ve seen happen. If you aren't paying close attention you''d think it was the performance tune you've installed since the process is nearly identical if you don't watch every message on the device closely enough. I had a guy this morning for example that forgot to turn off his electronics and got a phone call during programming which turned his radio back on and the tuner stopped installing the custom tune, and immediately reverted back to the stock tune and he thought it was installing the custom tune. So same deal he called saying his start stop was still on and that he didn't feel any power increase, so I walked him through loading the tune again and it's a whole new animal and has S/S disabled now. It's just so strange we have a ton of positive feedback on how strong this tune is and how much better the vehicle's shift when tuned, so you should definitely be feeling a difference at full throttle especially without a doubt. I would like to have you start out by installing the latest version of our Mycal PC app on your computer and then use that to update your device since your tuner is out of date firmware / OS wise. Once you've updated the tuner again it's going to download a fresh copy of the 91-93 performance tune I just had re-written and personally verified the auto start stop is off in this tune also. Oce finished updating I'd like you to re-install the tune to the car so long as you've been using premium fuel 91 octane or higher for the last tank or more to start over again with a fresh installation. Then once you start the vehicle you should not see the auto start stop is coming on any longer which is one way to know for certain that it took the tune successfully. I could even walk through the install or update over the phone with you if needed to make certain you are getting everything done correctly. Here's a link below to download the latest version of the Mycal app which you'll need to install before you can download the tune again. Then just let me know if you need a hand and we can always walk through it with you to make sure you are fully programming the custom tune to the vehicle. Thanks again for your business and I hope you have a great weekend Claude!" so I replied this: "Hi and thank you for your lenghty reply, I appreciate. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that the tune is bad…It’s just that I was expectig more, that’s all. I don’t know what should I do now… One thing I know is that the « Start&Stop » feature is disabled now so this might be an indication that the tune you sent me is properly loaded… —> To make sure, I’m wondering if I should reload the stock tune and see if the performance decreases and also if the « Stop&Start » feature will come back on… I’m a little surprised (and disapointed too) that the tune disables the « Start&Stop » feature. No one warned me that it would get disabled. Do you think there would be a way to have the same tune but WITH the S&S feature enabled? Please let me know what you think I should do… thank you, regards..." So now, I'm waiting for them to reply to me. In the meantime it does annoys me that the tune disabled the "Start&Stop" feature. I just hope I'll be able to get the same tune but WITH the "S&S" enabled. I'll post some results as soon as I get a reply. Claude.
  13. Finally got it done! My phone is a Huawei P30 Pro and I found out that Huawei phones have an application called "Phone Clone" which allows you to transfer almost anything you want from one phone to another. Claude.
  14. I have an Android cell phone which I'm looking to trade with another guy for a better one (+ a little money because the guy lost his job due to the covid-19 shutdown). I'm ready to do the trade but before doing so I want to make sure to save all my contacts, pictures and applications and be able to reinstall them in the new phone. I know there's a way to do this but my question is how?... Someone told me to save my data on Google... but again, how?? I do have a Gmail (Google) address but I don't know what else to do... Can someone please guide me with this? Thanks, Claude.
  15. I also agree that this is a way more simple solution than what "Gadgetjq" wrote about… My girlfriend has the same thing on her Mustang and it works fine. Claude.