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  1. I certainly hope so!… What I can't wait to see is how big of a difference there will be between "stock" and "tuned"… Claude.
  2. When you receive the tuner, it is "empty" and you have to do what I explained in my last post (which is to download the software in your PC and connect it to the tuner and register it). I'm not quite done yet as I still have to send Livernois the info they need ( serial # from device, vehicle make, year and model, what kind of engine, what's the octane rating of the fuel you intend to use, ECU strategy code and SW id number (whatever that is, etc…) for them to make some custom-made tunes for my car. After you received the tunes, you download them in the tuner using the software in your PC. Then, when all of that is done you take the tuner in your vehicle and download the tune of your choice… and next… have fun! Can't wait to try it!… Claude.
  3. I received the tuner last week but only got to play with it today. First I downloaded the software on my computer (using Windows 7) but I had some problem making the tuner connect with the app so I asked one of my friends who is a computer genius (compared to me! ) and he was able to find out the problem. Now I have to go in the car to retrieve some info and send it to them. This is where I stand now… but I will come back and post more info soon... Claude.
  4. Well it's a little too late now… I did sell my '16 Titanium and bought a fully loaded '19 Titanium "elite" and couldn't be happier. The main reason why I did not buy an ST is because I don't like the chrome-less look… too much black for my taste. My Titanium is "Agate Black" but it has some chrome around the side windows, chrome grille, chrome moulding above the license plate, also the "elite" package which adds more chrome at the bottom of the doors and lower front bumper too. Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U

    Door Sill protectors

    There are some lighted ones on my '19 Titanium… but what I'd like to have is a protector plate to go just below that one on the painted surface which tends to get scratched too easily…. Claude.
  6. If I were you, I'd go back to the dealer and complain about having the job done and that it shattered again… as if something wasn't done correctly. It's worth a try.. Claude.
  7. Sorry for the confusion… I should've said "modification" instead of "update"… I don't know if they treat the glass but I remember that the guy at the service department said that they add some kind of protective plastic lining to prevent the glass to be in contact with the hatch's metal frame… but I haven't seen the part he was referring to... What I do know is that my father-in-law now owns my previous '16 and the rear glass never shattered. No problem on my '19 either but I suppose that they now come with that preventive modification already done at the factory. Claude.
  8. 2FAST4U

    2017 ford edge block heater

    Personally, I don't think having a block heater is a bad thing… but it's just that with "modern" computer-controlled and fuel injected vehicles they're not really needed anymore. I live in Canada and we have some pretty cold weather and most of us don't plug our cars anymore… and in the morning, they fire up instantly. Block heaters are ok but not an absolute "must" anymore. Claude.
  9. Ordered it!… Didn't receive it yet though… Claude.
  10. 2FAST4U

    2020 Edge not Available?

  11. Did you try turning everything off and restart from the beginning?… or… I know there is some kind of "rebooting" or reinitializing procedure of the Sync system that you could also try… If that doesn't work, then bring the car to your dealer. Good luck, Claude.
  12. I had a similar problem with my '16. I wasn't able to update it so I got tired and had it done at the dealer. Worked fine. Claude.
  13. 2FAST4U

    First edge

    Salut Mathieu et bienvenue! Claude.
  14. "Added LED number plate bulbs and a flasher on the 3rd brake light." Yeah but… why ?? Looks like a gadget to me… Claude.
  15. 2FAST4U

    Upside down rear camera display

    The same thing happened on my 2011 MKX. There was no other choice than to have it replaced at the dealer… Claude.