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  1. I had new winter tires installed today. They're Blacklion w517 Winter Tamer in the original size of P245-50-20 mounted on the original wheels. Now I'm all set! Claude.
  2. 2FAST4U

    265/50/20 fit a 2016 Sport?

    "shumax" take a look here: https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=245-50r20-255-50r20 Hope this helps... Claude.
  3. 2FAST4U

    Forscan Issues and how to's

    "bb56" do you know what's the correct value to enter to make the turn signal flash 6 times for a 2011 MKZ ?… and what about for a '14 Mustang? Thanks!
  4. 2FAST4U

    Mustang SUV

    No no "akirby"… you are missing my point… When Porsche came out with the Cayenne and later the Panamera, they were new cars and gave them new names… They didn't call them "4-door Carrera" or "4 door Boxster" or anything like that. They used new names for new vehicles. This is what I mean… Why use the "Mustang" name on a SUV?… Couldn't Ford use their imagination a little more and call it something else than "Mustang" ?? Claude.
  5. 2FAST4U

    Mustang SUV

    Yeah but "Cayenne" was a new name for a new vehicle… but why use the name "Mustang" and apply it to a SUV instead of using a new name?… I don't think is "respectful" towards classic Mustang owners… Claude.
  6. 2FAST4U

    World's most beautiful snowblower!

    Here it is guys…the world's most beautiful snowblower!… … I doubt that the owner actually uses it! I'm not sure what brand it is… but I'd say an older Ariens model. (Some of you guys who know me are aware that I like bling…That's why I couldn't resist posting this! ) Claude.
  7. 2FAST4U

    Mustang SUV

    Why does Ford calls that a "Mustang" ?? I don't get it… Claude.
  8. I think the app is great to start the car if it's too far away for the fob to communicate with it, (like maybe three or four blocks away)… But when the vehicle is relatively close to you, nothing beats the fob ! Claude.
  9. 8 hours ago, onyxbfly said: In fact the vehicle will start faster than navigating through the app.... I dunno… but for me, it doesn't take much time to open up when I click on the icon... and You should be able to see when it starts 'cause the app tells you "car started" or something like that... Claude.
  10. I have a question…: Now that I've been able to get the app to work, I'm wondering if it's normal that sometimes it takes time for the car to start (15~20 sec) after pressing the "start" button on my cell phone? Claude.
  11. 2FAST4U

    Rims size difference by year

    All Edge wheels from 2006-2014 have a 114.3 mm. bolt pattern and are interchangeable between those years and from 2015 to 2020 have a 108 mm. bolt pattern are also interchangeable between those years... but … ---> the wheels will NOT interchange between the first generation (2006-2014) and the second generation (2015-2020). hope this helps... Claude.
  12. Everything works now!… I'm now able to start my Edge using my cell phone!… lock and unlock the doors too! …Yippee! Claude.
  13. Finally figured it out… I didn't remember but I forgot that I was already registered! … So I entered my e-mail address and what I thought was my password and... Bingo!…I was on the site! I changed the parameters about my Edge (deleted my '16 Edge and loaded my new '19)… but... I still have to find out how to use the remote start feature with my Android phone... Claude P.S: Thanks to all who helped me!
  14. Thanks "ONEDGE16"… Like I explained in my reply to " onyxbfly" (in the previous post), I'm not even able to create a new account. When I try to register, it asks me for my first name, then my family name, my username and password. I fill in all these lines and move on to the next page... BUT it's on that next page where things don't go as good… First I am asked if I want to receive some ads and messages... I do not click on tat paragraph since I'm not interested in receiving any advertisement. Then I move on to the next paragraph where they ask me to "accept" the site's terms and conditions. So I do accept and it's there where everything comes to a stop. I want to "continue" to the next page but nothing happens… Nothing! At that point I cannot do anything anymore to complete my registration... Claude.