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  1. Our edge make a rattle/clunk in the front end whenever you go over any kind of bump/crack in the road. Thinking it's the Struts and/or Mounts. I know to use OEM mounts but are there any decent aftermarket struts? Tight on money...
  2. Robw13

    07 FWD Rear Hub Torque Specs

    Update & Tips: Got the job done! Woohoo... - No Axle Nut Socket needed. - Slide Hammer works great. - BFG'S & Mother Earth are your Friends..
  3. Robw13

    07 FWD Rear Hub Torque Specs

    Ok, but I need the Torque for the Axle Nut too. Is it 258 ft lbs? Do I need to get a new Wheel Nut too?
  4. Does anyone have the Torque Specs for the Rear Wheel Hub Nut on an 2007 FWD Edge? I've gotta replace the pass side wheel hub tomorrow. Also, is the nut a 32mm socket?
  5. Also, I looked at the rear pass side yesterday while doin an oil changed, I saw 4 T60 bolts in a square pattern. Is that different the AWD types?
  6. cool beans, thanks.
  7. Are the Monore Brand ok quality? Rockauto has them as a Complete assembly but if their not, I don't mind buying everything separate.
  8. Yes but meant what Brand would you recommend besides OEM?
  9. Is the MC Struts themselves good or would aftermarket be fine for those to? Also, should I purchase New Strut Mount Bushings?
  10. Does anyone know if there is a decent Aftermarket Rear Wheel Hub Assembly for an 07 Edge FWD? Timken, SKF, Moog ect. ?....
  11. Which brand would be a better choice on the Front Strut Mounts for my 07 FWD Edge? MC, KYB or Moog? The Moog & KYB look little different than the MC's. Also, MC or KYB for the Struts correct? And would Stock Springs still be any good with 250k on em?
  12. Hi, I've gotta get the Rear Pass Side Wheel Hub/Bearing Changed soon and I just wanted to know if anyone has used the Snap-On #S6560 Torx Bit Tool? Really would like to do it myself and save some $$ Also, are those Torx Bolts in the same spot on the FWD models?
  13. Robw13

    Power Steering Leak

    Here's some pics of the Line in question. It does have a bend in it but doesn't have the rounded ends like the pic above.
  14. Robw13

    Power Steering Leak

    Hi, My wifes 07 has this leak now too and needs to be fixed asap. Has anyone done this repair yet? If so, what's the correct part # for 7t43-3a563-am???
  15. Hi, Does anyone know how to replace the Expansion Valve on a 2007 Ford Edge? I've got the part but need help doing it. Any help much appreciated...