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  1. This is behind my radio. (3) grey plugs, I know I need the GPS antenna. What OEM headunit do I need?
  2. cl08

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    Bosco390, please share with me where you found the right NAV unit for non navi cars and that is plug in play please Sir???????
  3. Morning all!!! I am brand new to the Edge/Ford world in many many years. My 09 Sport is the base line with no opitions. I really would like the navigation unit but not quite sure on a few things. So those who have done this please help out or any body who wants to sell a navi unit cheap Are the non-GPS cars wired the same as the GPS equiped cars? I know it will need the GPS antenna but is it all plug-in play? (ran into this issue with my last car as the two cars were wired totally different.) What all is envolved in the swap? Recoding the radio to the car, which updated map disc/sd card, antenna of course? Am I missing something like pigtails or mounting kit? Will the SYNC still work the same and steering wheel controls still work? Anyone used the PAC that allows the by-pass while driving? If it is too envolved, I'll just go aftermarket with the Pioneer x940bt and PAC and loose the SYNC im sure or something similar. Thanks for any input and help!!! Sorry for the newbie questions, just want a straight answer instead of searching around. Really happy with the car so far as well!!!! Cody
  4. cl08

    2007-2010 Ford Edge K&N Intake

    it wont let me send instant message for I am new to the forum and Edges's as of last Friday. Please instant message me or contact me at mcluke@sbec.com I'll buy it right now!!!!