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  1. On our 2010 MKx, the full-width light bar on the rear hatch has started with 2 of the LED's that light it flickering, and often going off. This leaves the light bar only partially lit. Has anyone removed the light bar and looked into replacing the LED's that light it?... I'm sure Lincoln recommends replacing the entire unit (that was the recommendaton on my Mark VIII years ago)... but I'd like to avoid doing that, if I can just replace the individual LED's. Any experience on this?
  2. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    Just a quick update. We are loving the Navigation upgrade we did. Since the install, we tapped a yellow RCA cable (inside the console) from one of the Cornering Camera connections of the LickPick and mounted permanent video tap inside the lower console compartment, directly next to the Line-In Aux jack. What this allowed was hooking up a digital TV Tuner to watch TV in the car... the video out to the tap we mounted, and the audio out to the Line-In jack with an RCA-to-3.5 mm cable. And with the purchase of an HMDI to Composite converter, we also stream live video from the cell phone during trips. It is working wonderfully.
  3. Bosco390

    Backup Camera

    I used this.... http://www.coastaletech.com/synclockpick.htm Works flawlessly.
  4. I did this in our 2010 MKX... switched out the standard radio w/ 6 CD, etc for the OEM Nav unit... see my post http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/12015-nav-swap-for-2010-mkx/?do=findComment&comment=93822 It was expensive, but most of the cost was the unit itself, and I know I could have bought cheaper... but the vendor i used took care of programming and everything.
  5. http://www.coastaletech.com/mytouch2.htm
  6. Awesome!... and glad what I did may have been helpful.
  7. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    Ok, got the camera in my cell working again...YAY. So here is a video of the unit installed. The LockPick works flawlessly... all functions of the unit work, regardless of speed... so yes, I can watch DVD's while driving (not that I would). I love the start-up screen... the animated logo.. and during the video you can see I got a text message, which the unit handles without a problem. Also, I put it in reverse gear to activate the back-up camera, which also works well. Here is a shot of the rear camera installation. No visible wires... I really don't know how they routed the wires, but all I know is I can't see them. I finally burned some pics to cd and loaded them into the unit, so I changed the pic on the homescreen... the startup is still the animated Lincoln logo, but the homescreen pic can be customized... (in fact since I took this pic, the homescreen has been changed to our puppies... oh well.) I know I spent too much money on this project, but it is exactly what we wanted, so we're very happy with it.
  8. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    Video re: the LockPick we installed.... http://www.coastaletech.com/media/LINCOLN%20MKX%20INSTALLATION.wmv
  9. In researching for our new NAV unit, I found this great video showing how really easy it is to remove the console cup holders, ashtray/storage compartment, and center dash bezel surrounding the radio. Hope this helps someone. http://www.coastaletech.com/media/LINCOLN%20MKX%20INSTALLATION.wmv
  10. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    It's done!!! Well, two days ago my cell phone pooped out the camera, so no pics... but the job is done and looks exactly like any other stock OEM Navigation unit installed, so pics would be of limited value I suppose. This unit is wonderful, and performs exactly like stock, and more. Here is a rundown of what we did: Purchased the Navigation Dash Bezel on ebay $180 Purchased from OEM Auto Parts Co. the OEM Navigation Unit $1600 http://www.oemautopartsco.com/factory-oem-navigation-radio-clarion-p-30239.html This also included the BRICK KIT (not shown in attached picture), which is a wiring harness that allows the unit to interface with the vehicle that was originally equipped with the standard radio. BRICK KIT also included new steering wheel buttons specific to NAV, and a required amplifier. We provided OEM our VIN and they programmed the unit for our vehicle (more on that later) Purchased from OEM Auto Parts Co. the LockPick kit (see picture). This may be of interest to someone who has the NAV unit originally. By default, certain features of the unit are Locked out when the car is being driven. Watching DVD's is one of them... entering a NAV destination address... this kit (another maze of wires and harness connections) overrides this lock out, so that all features of the unit are available all the time... so yes, we can watch DVD's while driving. $285 Purchased from OEM Auto Parts Co a back-up camera w/ night vision... wires into the LockPick and comes on screen when the car is put in reverse. $89 Installation at THE RADIO CLINIC, best installers in Chattanooga, TN http://www.theradioclinic.com/contacts.html $470 You would think that was enough, but there was a problem with the programming of the unit initially, and I had to return it to OEM to be reprogrammed... and to expedite things (as my MKX was all torn apart at the installers) I shipped it back to them overnight delivery with $2k of insurance $152 So all tolled, we're in for $2776, which is ridiculous for a radio in the car. But... it's awesome. If we end up doing trips in the car, we may even put in a digital TV tuner... The LockPick kit has several video inputs available... but I dunno... DVD's may be enough. Hope this helps someone who wishes to make the swap.
  11. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    We've purchased the NAV unit (Clarion) along with the "Brick Install Kit" that makes it compatible with the vehicle that originally didn't have Nav... supplier programs the unit with our VIN so that the unit is specifically compatible... also purchased a "LockPick" kit to unlock certain functions while car is in motion and a Rear View Backup Camera... all tolled we're in so far for about $2k. Today is Sunday, next Wednesday we have an appointment to have the Install done. I will update when that's over.
  12. Bosco390

    Piddly but annoying... cargo cover

    Retractable cargo cover for Escape.... gonna try one for my MKX!! http://www.partscheap.com/Ford-Escape-Cargo-Security-Shade-p/9l8z-7845440-ac.htm Youtube video of the cover....
  13. http://www.oemautopartsco.com/ford-lincoln-mercury-c-1061.html
  14. Wow, Ii am so glad I read your post, and would like to ask your opinion on the following.... I am just short of investing over $2000 to put an OEM Nav unit in our 2010 MKX... supplied from these people... http://www.oemautopartsco.com/factory-oem-navigation-radio-clarion-p-30239.html If indeed I went through all this expense only to find that their claims that it all will work fine... well, I'd be really pissed!!! What do you think?? Does the "Brick Install Kit" they mention solve the issues you name above? Or do you think we should just keep our non-nav unit and learn to be happy with it and save the $2k? Incidentally, we have the older version of Sync... no MFT.
  15. Bosco390

    Nav swap for 2010 MKX??

    Also, there's one (used, just the unit, no install package) for sale on the auction site... http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-Lincolin-MKX-Navigation-Radio-OEM-LKQ-/190797884343?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c6c70abb7&vxp=mtr