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  1. Jeremy Howell

    PTU leak with pic on a 2012

    Took my wifes 2013 edge with 2K miles on it to the dealer for a leak. They just called and said it was the front PTU seal. Be thankful yours make it past 9K miles
  2. Jeremy Howell

    2013 SEL Question

    My wife is ordering a 2013 SEL. We initially wanted the 204A package with vista roof and ambient lighting. The dealer found us one with the 205A package for a killer deal with vista roof and my wife decided she didn't really need the ambient lighting. My question is that alot of sites online show that the ambient lighting is part of the 205A package, but not fords site. Can anyone who has the 205A confirm? We initially ordered the 18" wheels as well but had to sacrifice them for the upgraded package. Might pick a set from a forum member.
  3. Jeremy Howell

    2011 Ford Edge Limited Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    How about a price on the wheels shipped to 17319