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  1. evilkid500

    2018 Sony Replacement Project

    Replaced and added amps
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to update this post with my results. This thread was a huge help and I couldn't be happier. If you're even thinking about diving into this, do it. 100% worth it. I only upgraded the amps and sub. I'll keep the factory speakers for now. The difference in sound quality is night and day. I did the install myself. If you have any experience wiring, you shouldn't have a difficult time. Maestro has an excellent wiring guide for the AR unit. The hardest part of the whole job was re-installing the two rear side panels on the Edge. The bottom seatbelt mechanism makes alignment of the panel snap pins extremely difficult. Just keep wiggling it and be patient, you'll get it. Here's my parts list: Hardware w/ date purchased: Kenwood Exceleon XR600....……500.00. 3/6/2018 (ebay, new, buy it now offer) Idatalink Maestro AR…………..…..73.49. 3/7/2018 (Amazon, new) Kicker 43CXA3001…………………99.95 3/13/18 (ebay, refurb) Kicker CompRT CWRT82……..…110.00. 3/13/18 (ebay, new) Kenwood KAC-5207………….……69.95. 8/12/18 (Amazon, new) Hardware Total: $853.39 Consumables: InstallGear 4 GA Amp Wiring Kit……......…38.99 3M Electrical Tape………………………..…..4.95 Harbor Freight Heat Shrink Pack….….........5.00 Extra 8 GA Wire………………………..……12.95 8/10/12 GA Ferrule Pack………….…….…13.95 4 GA Ferrule Pack…………………………..13.22 Labor....................free Grand Total...........................$942.45 Photos: 4 GA power wire in engine bay w/ fuse Kenwood installed where factory Sony amp was (Maestro unit is mounted behind it) Figuring out slave amp placement & wiring Wiring complete and tidied up All done and 100% invisible
  3. evilkid500

    2017 Heated / Cooled seats TSB?

    Thanks Omar! Yeah that definitely is the case in mine, just making sure it isn't defective from the factory. PerfaZn0w, my wife decided she was tired of driving a Focus so she "allocated" my 2012 to her daily driver. Traded the Focus in on the 2018 Edge for myself. Now we are a two Edge and one Corvette family.
  4. evilkid500

    2017 Heated / Cooled seats TSB?

    Anyone else have zero airflow in the seat back but plenty on the seat bottom? I noticed this yesterday in my 2018, only 800 miles on it so I don't think it's a dust / blockage issue.
  5. Holy smokes. Excellent write up! Thank you for the detailed pictures and explanations. Well done.
  6. Tschanne, Thanks! I actually did read that while researching yesterday, it just did't stick in my head . My bad!
  7. Any update on the quality / satisfaction on the Kenwood Excelon XR600-6DSP? I just purchased a 2018 with the Sony audio, and it's no where near the quality level of the previous generation's Sony system. Also, to anyone that has replaced the factory Sony amp in the G2 Edge, did you lose the sound produced when selecting anything on the touch screen? The instruction manual from Maestro says that the selection sound will be lost. Thanks!
  8. The part is $41.09 from http://www.levittownfordparts.com/ Part Number: BR3Z-6582-R
  9. evilkid500

    FORD's long term reliabilty?

    Denicico, I too owned a Ford Probe! Bought it in 2003 with 89,700 miles on it. Had it all the way through high school and college. Got rid of it in 2012 at 187,000 miles. In all that time I only had one major issue (oil leak out of the pressure sensor) and had the original automatic transmission and the original, awesome, Mazda 6 cylinder. God I loved that car. Miss it very much. A brand new 2012 Edge limited was the replacement for the Probe GT. I will admit, I have been less than thrilled in regards to mechanical issues. I've had three separate leaks associated with the AWD system. Two from the PTU and one from the rear differential. Like others have already stated, these issues were all caused by faulty engineering in the seals and have all been updated. With that being said, I would say this car has still been an overall positive experience for me. In every one of those instances of mechanical issues, my dealer fixed the part in a timely manner, provided me with alternative transportation, and was very good about communication. After the My Ford Touch was properly updated, I've had zero issues with it. It reads text messages, I use Siri to write messages back, music doesn't mess up over Bluetooth, and best of all, no freezing. It actually is a great system. I do enjoy driving it still. I'm only at 35,000 miles and I'm hoping the mechanical issues are behind me. Time will tell.. Would I recommend it to friends? I think I'd tell them to take a good long look at the Hondas and Toyotas first. If there were still things they liked about the Edge better (price, features, interior design) I'd tell them to go for it.
  10. evilkid500

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Hey ironpeddler, I have seen a post or two that dealt with replacing them. If you search around you can find it. There are proprietary tools involved, if I remember correctly. I think they were usied in removing or seating the half shafts. If you look in Taurus or Flex forums, you can get an idea of what you're looking at. They have a very similar drivetrain to the Edge and share a lot of the same parts.
  11. evilkid500

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Hey guys, I finally got the combination of a nice day and free time to get this ptu fluid swap done. I took a few pictures. My 2012 edge is currently at 25,868 miles. It's definitely not as easy as an oil change, but isn't the hardest thing either. I kept the car on all 4 tires on the garage floor to keep it level, which makes for a pretty tight spot to get into. I started out by fabricating the zip tie dipstick as described by Znow above: Once I got under the car, I figured the easiest way to access the ptu drain plug was up to the right of the exhaust flex pipe and left of the frame wall: After that I used a standard 3/8" socket wrench with no extension to undo the plug: I stuck the dipstick in to see what I was dealing with: Thing was almost at zero fluid. Figures. I tried to exract fluid with the hand pump everyone else has used and I couldn't get anything to come through. There just wasn't enough fluid in the ptu for the pump to suck anything. Here is what the inside of the plug looked like: The fluid had the same consistency of brake caliper lube. I imagine that the ptu is coated with this sludge. I reversed the pump setup, and pumped in some synthetic motor craft 75w140 gear lube. Checked the level with the dipstick: It's higher than it was. We'll see how things go now. My guess is, I'm going to find a whole bunch of leaks in these junk seals now that there is actually fluid in it. I'll be sure to update.
  12. evilkid500

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Thank you so much zn0w!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. I'll post some pics of the procedure when I'm done.
  13. evilkid500

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Lots of good info here. I'm going to be doing a ptu fluid swap this weekend in my 2012 edge. One piece of info doesn't seem terribly clear to me. Specifications say the PTU takes 0.8 pints of fluid. Does that mean when you re-fill the unit after pumping out the sludge, you measure out .8 pints? Or do you fill until fluid is up to the bottom of the fill plug on a level surface?
  14. evilkid500

    PTU seal replacement - timeline

    Do you guys think this plug is the only way in and out of the PTU with out taking the entire assembly apart?
  15. evilkid500

    2012 Rear Differential Leak...Again!

    So, I just got it back from my dealer. I had a nice chat with the service advisor. He told me that all rear differentials do this in some form or another. Normally, a hose is attached to the vent and run up above the differential to prevent fluid from leaking out. He said he has no idea why Ford didn't originally include such a hose. I'm going to attach a rubber hose and see if that helps for the next cold season. On another interesting note, I asked him about the PTU failures that the Edge has been having and he gave me a pretty surprising answer. According to him, this dealership is recommending and performing PTU fluid changes every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. They jury rigged a tool for getting the fluid in and out and are charging $100.00 for the service.