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  1. I have a basic 2WD SEL, 2011. Would've liked a few more goodies (sunroof, Sony audio, nav) but I'm pleased that there's less to go wrong, and no automatic slow doors or hot leather to deal with. The fuel mileage is better too, with the lighter FWD option - averaging 24MPG or so. Not so amazing in the winter, but hey, good tires and a smart driver and you'll get anywhere.
  2. Hi all. Edge seems to be in mostly working order, apart from some cheap interior bits that have broken, including rear air vent controls, power plug covers, and door panels rattling. I notice the edge seems a bit down on power, and the transmission is not shifting as smoothly or quickly as it used too, even after a $200 oil change and transmission flush at my local Ford dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions of routine maintenance or things I should be doing to my Edge at this point in it's life? Or any key upgrades that could help out some of these problems/concerns? Thanks.
  3. Sometimes when using the volume up/down rocker on the steering wheel, it either doesn't response, or it "sticks", either minimizing the volume or blowing my ears off. It doesn't appear to be physically sticking or experiencing issues, and it's extremely clean (never had a spill or water, etc). Is this is a software bug, does anyone else encounter it?
  4. Yes. I get a noise similar to this, at first I thought it was the backside of the door being compressed and squeaking/rattling against bumps in the road, but now that you mention that, I will have to check it out. Bloody squeaks and rattles! The interior of my Edge is simply atrocious for build quality. We keep it super clean/empty, and it's still just horrible.
  5. If I purchase the DDM tuning kit, do I need any of the addons as shown available in picture? EDIT: No picture, this URL though: http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W
  6. Hi, 2011 Edge SEL. The silver part just below/behind the handle in the front drivers door seems loose and rattles badly when bassy music, or sometimes even a very uneven road. Annoying as hell. Anyone elese experience this?
  7. samf727

    Rattle sound when closing door

    Does anyone have any pictures or more details on this? Nervous going at my Edge ! Don't want to hurt the beauty! Ha.
  8. samf727

    Loose driver seat

    Yup, same here in 2011. Dealer told me there was nothing they could do for it though! Damn them.
  9. samf727

    Rattle sound when closing door

    Just noticed the exact same thing on my 2011 SEL FWD two days ago. Seems metal, and possibly exhaust? my thoughts exactly. Couldn't pinpoint without getting underneath the car.
  10. Does anyone know of any install videos around that might help me through this a bit? and I think I'll probably spend the money and go for the 50W TheRetrofitSource
  11. So the 50W shown from Retrofit would work well? I'm also sort of worried about heat with a better bulb like that, are any of my worries warranted, or should I be completely fine? Thanks for all the help by the way! (Headlight noob here)
  12. What modifications would you say I need to do in order for the 9006's to match my 9012's ? Anyone else on here have luck with these? For the 50W (which I'd assume are the ones I want?) it's nearly $190.
  13. Hi, looking to buy the DDM TUNING kit for hid. Is the 55W safe for heat and size? Do I need to buy any of the accessories they want to sell? Which size/style of bulb do I pick from the list to purchase ? (I dont see 9012 or HIR2)
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    Also, is 55W safe for heat? Do I need to pick any of the four addons/options that can be requested? Is 6000K fine?
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    Hi, Looking to pick up this kit, http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W I have a 2011 SEL, with the Halogen's in it now.. Phillips HIR2 / 9012 Which bulb size do I pick from the list/any other attributes I need to ensure I've purchased the proper kit?