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  1. trigg

    Backup camera not working

    any luck with this?
  2. old post. but just bought 2013 same issue. did you ever fix it. i havenet openned my console up yet.
  3. trigg

    Dash Board Glare??

    the dash glare is a most annoying issue that borders on hazardous. I have an 09 and can't believe this wasn't fixed prior to that. if I did a lot of driving this would certainly be something I wouldn't be able to live with on a daily basis..its that bad. who the hell is the idiot that tested this absurd design??????? whoever it was should be forced to drive this car everyday all day while facing the sun...ahahha what a useless donkey.
  4. trigg

    Any one have a whining noise?

    just started hearing it in my 09 sport. it is very loud from outside vehicle you can hear it at least 30 feet away. inside can hear it more in the backseat. with radio off i can start hearing it up front. if you try to listen for it it is as hell. luckily my hearing is not as good anymore so it may not become an issue for me anyway unless it gets worse. others that have had it replaced by ford that said the noise did not go away wonder if using an aftermarket fuel pump would solve the issue. replacing with the same OEM probably wouldnt help much it seams
  5. trigg

    ABS And Snow

    had about an inch of snow on driveway other day on a "slight' incline. I figured I would see if the car can be controlled going down. at the top I engaged the brake and was able to go down slowly. the second I let go of brake to see if it would re-engage the freakin thing slid again with no way to stop it. this can't be normal. must be something wrong with the abs system where it's just unable to get the car to stop. this car is downright dangerous in snow. i'll have them looked at as this is ridiculous.
  6. trigg

    Snow on 22's Causes Car to Shake

    yes, must be that the opennings in spokes are so large the snow gets in there easily and stays.
  7. trigg

    ABS And Snow

    yeah// there 265's on the 22's. 245's on the highlander. yes, much larger than the 215's on the status. the hill was snow covered very thin but pretty slick underneath. when i came back later in the day i noticed they sanded the freakin thing.
  8. trigg

    Snow on 22's Causes Car to Shake

    had vibration on front steering until I got the snow of the inside of the rim.. then driving again I had vibration that seemed to have been coming from the rear. whole dash was vibrating. pulled over again and on the passenger rear wheel there was snow in the rim. once I cleared the snow off no more vibration. the other side was clear. wasn't a lot of snow but the inside of the rim was covered with think layer all around.
  9. trigg

    ABS And Snow

    been going down that same hill every winter for the past 13 years. Honda accord and a dodge stratus R/T with abs. wife went down the hill right before I did in a highlander. no issue. never had an issue like that. I get this car and there it goes right down like a freakin sled. unreal tires are AS. didtn think I was going to fast BUT maybe I was for what this car would be capable of stopping .now I know. stop at top of hill and ride brake till at bottom. this car is downright risky in the snow you need to give at least 10 yrds for car in front. wow. not good.
  10. trigg

    Gas mileage question

    09 sport mixed of hwy/city averaging 17.3. this is not really stepping on gas much at all.
  11. what a pain. any snow inside the massive wheel causes major vibrations. wasn't expecting this. twice I had to pull over to clean out the inside of the rim of snow so the car would vibrate all over the road.. im not talking filled with snow just and inch or so inside the rim.
  12. damn what's up with the abs and snow.. slid right down a hill into a plow bank and some trees. the car wouldn't slow down and couldn't turn. tired to pump them as well and just wouldn't slow down. even on a straight road the car just slides when applying the brakes.
  13. installed the 6829's in fronts and was expecting a big improvement. it's noticeable but not what I was expecting.
  14. trigg

    New Edge Sport

    nice color choice. its and awesome vehicle.
  15. washed. what a difference just the wash made.. shined right back up.