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    Water Leak! Help!

    My 2013 Edge has been back to the dealer twice for week long stints to try and dry out/solve this under warranty. They said there was some seal missing, or seam in the a-pillar not sealed or something like that... however neither repair attempt was successful in my case either. Every time it rains, my carpets get damp and the car smells like cat-piss. (Mold probably.) Car is out of warranty now, and I'm not willing to spend any money on it to try and fix it... it's such a piece of crap I won't even wash it anymore. Too many problems now with back up cam, seats, moonroof, leaks, transmission, needs shocks, tires and battery/etc... I give up. I don't think they have this fully figured out yet... sounds like the new model is leaking too.
  2. lowlevel

    Door Ajar Warning Probe

    Driver side door latch on my 2013 Edge failed at around 30,000km... First time they just cleaned it and it lasted until just outside of warranty. I had to pay $600 to get the whole latch/sensor assembly replaced later.
  3. Started last week on my 2013 Ford Edge SEL.. still under warranty, still a widespread issue from what I see.