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    Foose 18 inch rims 5x114 $500

    For sale is a set of Foose rims with Goodyear Fortera tires. The rims are 5x114 and the tires are 245/60/18. The tires will need to be replaced after another season. The rims are black and silver and are in very good condition. Looking for a local buyer in the Minneapolis area.
  2. kevinj27

    K&n intake 77-2583KS

  3. kevinj27

    K&n intake 77-2583KS

  4. kevinj27

    Iso k&n intake for 2008 edge

    You're right it probably won't fit. I didn't notice he said 2008. I disagree for day to day driving. It made it much more enjoyable. After I took it off, it felt sluggish and was way too quiet. We traded the ford for another car for my wife to drive and now she wants it to sound like the ford did with the whoosh sound.
  5. kevinj27

    Iso k&n intake for 2008 edge

    I am selling a used k&n 77-2583KS performance intake for $200 plus shipping.
  6. kevinj27

    K&n intake 77-2583KS

    For sale is a used k&n intake 77-2583KS. It was used for a year. It gives better throttle response, some hp, and a mean growl to the engine. We are trading in the edge so we no longer need it. Comes with everything needed to install and is very easy to install. New is $300, asking $200 plus shipping. http://www.knfilters.com/mobile/mProduct.aspx?prod=77-2583KS&gclid=CjwKEAjw2PK7BRDPz5nDh9GjoGcSJAAybcS3BCD_
  7. kevinj27

    FS: SCT SF3 Tuner Ford Edge 3.5L or 3.7L

    Reduced price. $200
  8. I have an SCT SF3 tuner for sale that comes loaded with 3 tunes (3 octanes). The tunes were originally for a 2012 3.5L but I had it on my 2013 3.7L without any issues. You can definitely feel a difference. This was purchased from morepowertuning.com. I don't remember what I paid but it was more than the $299.99 that they are selling an open box one for now. It is not married and has at least 1 unlock left. I will need to check how many it has left. I am looking for $200 or best offer. I am selling the Ford Edge so I don't need this any longer.
  9. kevinj27

    Foose Speed Black wheels

    I can get four 18" x 8" Foose Speed Black F136 wheels with 30mm offset for a good deal. Would these work on a 2013 edge sport? I would plan to put on winter tires to match the 22s I have now.
  10. kevinj27

    Nankang Sp-5 Tires

    I have a 2013 Edge Sport and I am in need of new tires. Long story short, I bought the Edge 6 months ago and the dealer said multiple times the tires had at least 50% tread left and there was nothing to worry about. On my last car I bought from a dealership, I had to buy new tires within 6 months so I made sure they rechecked these tires. I should have paid closer attention. I went back to the dealership a week later complaining of noise and they said the tires are worn and cupped and that they recommend I replace them. They would not do anything for me and said they weren't going to stick any more money into this car and since it is used, they weren't required to do anything. I logged a complaint to the Better Business Bureau but that was a joke and nothing was ever done about it. Now 6 months later, there is a tear in the front tire from wear and I need new tires immediately. I get the a 27% discount (out of 30%) on Progressive Snapshot so it wasn't because of my driving. Does anyone have the Nankang Sp-5 tires and their experience? I am just looking for a budget all-season tire in 265/40/22. I don't really want to drop another $1,000 on this car right now with a baby due in 2 days! Or let me know another tire that I should look into. Thanks,
  11. kevinj27

    SCT Tunes 3.5L Vs 3.7L

    I searched around and wasn't able to find anything on this. For the custom tunes you can buy, is there a difference between the 3.5L and 3.7L tunes? The only difference between the engines I can find is the 3.5L engine is bored out to 3.7L but everything else is the same. If everything else was the same, it would make me think the tunes would be the exact same. The reason I am asking is that I am buying a used SCT 3015 tuner with 3 custom tunes loaded for the 3.5L. I have the 3.7L and was curious if I could use these or if I would need to buy them separate......thanks,