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    Possible Recall

    I had the same issue had to replace PTU for a pretty penny. What is Ford going to do? Mazda and Lincoln's of same model type are having the same leaking issue. Mazda has made some form of compensation for their owners. We need to push for a recall or class action. This is a manufactured defect and Ford knows it! Not fair at all for loyal customers to have to pay for this repair.
  2. I have noticed numerous 2007 ford edge owners with the same issue I had recently, leaking transfer case PTU unit. I also noticed this same issue is happening with Lincoln's and Mazda's of same model type. I believe Mazda has offered owners some sort of compensation/recall/extended warranty for this manufactured defect. My question is what is Ford going to do about this very expensive repair that owners have to pay for that is a manufacturer defect? I did have it replaced for a pretty penny and now I hear a clanking noise when I turn that was not there before the repair. Does anyone know of any class actions on this?