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  1. I didn't think that the Edge had active cancellation. I thought that was in the Escape only, but I didn't do any serious research. All I did was install a set of speakers in the front doors, no amp or sub-woofer. The OEM connectors are unique & I couldn't find ready made adapter harnesses, so I just cut the OEM connectors & hard wired the replacement speakers. I'm sorry but that's the extent of my knowledge.
  2. Hello all, I just replaced my 2013SEL with a 2017SEL. The only thing I did to the '13 was to upgrade the front door speakers. I had excellent advice from member Kanatronic here on this board. He advised a pair of DLS speakers with crossover. I have been very pleased with those. So I pulled them from the '13 and was ready to put them in the new ride, but I'm a bit lost in the weeds. First of all, my new car is an SEL with regular (not Sony) audio, Sync3 & nav (Technology Package). I pulled the right front door panel and found the weird OEM speaker with a 4 wire plug going to it. Four wires? Not only 4 wires, but continuity between all 4, so that threw me a curve. Pressing on I see from the 132-4 diagram posted at the beginning of this thread that the main speakers have 2 wires, WH-VT & WH-OG. Now on the OEM plug the outer wires are WH-VT and WH-OG. This correctly corresponds to the diagram. The inner 2 wires are VT-OG ans YE-OG. These correspond to the tweeter wires in the diagram. Now the diagram is for a Sony system & mine is just plain jane, so I don't know if that makes a difference, but I don't understand why the tweeter wires would go to the 6 1/2" speaker when there is a separate tweeter, which does have the same 2 color coded wires on its plug. Well I figured I'd give it a try, so I connected the outer 2 wires (for the main speaker) directly to my DSL speaker woofer & ground terminals. It did work, but the volume was really low; so low that it just didn't seem right. When I put those DSL speakers in the 2013, they were just right, no issues at all. Anyway at that point I decided to stop before I burned something up, put the OEM speaker back in, and ask here for help. HELP: 1. How would I wire in my DSL speaker & crossover? That is assuming they are compatible with car. 2. Does my car have active noise reduction? Or is that just on the Sony system or Titanium? If it has ANR, does that prevent changing out the speakers? 3. Why would my DSL speaker have such a low volume compared to the El Cheapo OEM? As much as I like a nice sound system, I'm just not up for the amount of work that HappyHourSport has done to his car. I have no doubt that the sound is fantastic, but I just don't have it in me to go that far with it. I would guess that if the DSL speakers can be done in the front doors, I should maybe replace the center dash speaker as well. I don't think my car has a sub, so that dash speaker is probably the woofer unit. Would that be right? Recommendation for the front dash speaker? How ugly is it the swap it out? Anyway, here's a few photos. The head unit to clarify my system, The OEM speaker connection, The speaker plug with the 4 color coded wires, The DSL speaker showing ground woofer & tweeter terminals, and finally the crossover. Any help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks jeff
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    OEM Parts

    Yep, Levittown came through. Thanks to all who advised. jeff
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    OEM Parts

    Hello Fellow Edgers Is there a preferred source for OEM parts at a nice discount? I thought Levittown was a sponsor here and offered members a discount, but no joy finding them posting anything. I need intake & cabin air filters for my Edge & Fusion. Can't bring myself to buy junk import stuff, and list price is a bit much. thanks jeff
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    For the love of aircraft

    Some of you guys fly some beastly airplanes! No military background here, just watched the airplanes fly in & out of my hometown airport in the 60's & early 70's. At that time Kutztown PA was a pretty busy little airfield. Always wanted to fly but didn't take the plunge until '84 in Williamson NY with the great instructor Vernon Tyrrell. Bought the Stinson 108-2 on the field & flew that for maybe 20 years. That was Katie, and she went to a Harrier pilot in Cherry Point. Then flew a Bellanca Viking for a few years before the 310 (Jimmy) I now have. And Finally, one of my favorite aviation images Cheers All jeff Oh, yeah....2013 Edge. Great Car!
  6. The wheels came out really nicely too. Road grime & brake dust are tough to clean off. Sweet!
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    2.0 L EcoBoost or 3.5 L v6

    There is an old adage that says "There's no replacement for displacement". I prefer the simplicity of normally aspirated (no turbo). Less stress on the internal components, no turbo to be concerned about, no worries with sludge, etc etc. Having said all that I have had many turbo'd cars over the years. From MB diesels to a couple modern Passats. I have never had a turbo failure, but I have always been mindful of the equipment. I would always run premium synthetic Mobile 1, change oil religiously on schedule, and allow spool down after hard driving. There are 2 Fords in our family at the moment: my wife's '13 Fusion 1.6 turbo & my '13 Edge 3.6 non turbo 6 cyl. No issues with either, but less than 40k on each odometer. The Fusion gets about 27 mpg on relatively short (15 mile round trip) rural country trips. While I am about 25/26 on my daily 90 mile commute in Mr Edge. I also got 29 mpg on a longer trip recently. So the 6 can give good performance & mileage if driven conservatively. If city driving is in the cards, the 6 is probably not good. The modern technology of smaller turbo'd motors is pretty darn good, but I would still go for displacement over turbo. I confess I'm old school, really old ;<)
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    What is your MPG?

    Hey that's pretty good for AWD. I have no idea what my city only would be, but it clearly isn't the best car for city. I expect about what you have at around 14.
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    What is your MPG?

    Well here I am about a year further down the road, so I'm updating. My normal commute routing has not changed, but I am now up to about 24 to 24.5 mpg. There's about 33,000 on the clock now. I took a road trip recently from my home in Wyoming NY down to Westchester NY (north of NYC), and got a very acceptable 29mpg. I am very pleased with this car in every respect.
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    My cousin has one of these, coming from a Pacifica I really like it. I still prefer my Edge for my purposes now, but if he wanted to gift it to me with his gas card, I'd help him out & take it off his hands (being the magnanimous guy that I am)
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    jeff carl

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    lots of cool stuff posted here! my other car is a 310
  13. Yes I think I mentioned this as one of the very few things that bugs me about my '13 Edge SEL (with MFT) as well. It isn't a deal breaker & isn't causing leather couch time with a shrink, but it is an annoyance. It seems that just about everything in the car is software controlled so you would think that someone could get into the system, change a bit of code and presto: 50% reduction in each "click" of volume up or down. Meanwhile..... Well I'm getting used to it, but should there ever be a patch I would be in. Happy Motoring jeff
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    What is your MPG?

    A 2013 SEL 3.5 FWD here, only had it for since end of December, so less than 3 months. In upstate NY, Buffalo/Rochester where it's been a nasty winter. I commute 100 miles round trip weekdays. I am averaging 23 mpg on that commute. I'd say about 1/3 state 2 lane highway, 1/3 interstate, and 1/3 village or city. Not very hilly. I check what the on board computer says & compare to actual to get the average 23. The computer is a bit optimistic, but not too bad. I have about 6500 miles on it now, so just sneaking up on Break-In. The mpg seems to be getting a bit better, but then again the snow is diminishing & it is gettin a bit warmer, both factors will have a positive impact. 300 mile road trips that are mainly interstate will give me around 26 or 27, and that's at 70mph. I am fairly conservative in terms of acceleration and overall agressiveness. (save that stuff for the scooters). I am pleased with these results. I hope by 10,000 on the clock it will get maybe 1 or 2 mpg better, but even if not I am ok. I think I do better than EPA on the highway, but worse than EPA city. I am enjoying the ride an awful lot, just a couple bugs but nothing serious. No issues with MFT, and I like the nav as well. Let's put it this way: I'd recommend an Edge to anyone & I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Hope you enjoy yours too!