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  1. I drilled out the center of the factory part, then used a dremel with a drum sander attachment to open it up to the same size as the tweeter hole. Then I used some foam seal tape to snug up the tweeter into the factory hole, then did a dab or 2 of epoxy on the back to secure it to the plastic. I will take a pic tomorrow
  2. Dremel away bill, it is worth it. The Focals tweets are worth it. If you just drill out the center of the factory "grill" then use a drum sander attachment to make it flush to the tweeter hole, you are good to go. Looks perfect. I used bit of foam seal tape around the tweeter housing to make it snug, then a couple small bridges of epoxy to secure it from the back
  3. Here you go man. Good luck! http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19493-completed-custom-subwooferampspeaker-install-with-pics-and-diagrams-for-2015-sport-lots-of-pics/ 6.5's on all fours.
  4. lol Give me some time to get the Focals really singing. The enclosure on the 2015 is way different then earlier years. This is what my factory enclosure looks like. And I believe its actually a 6.5 in there. I am dead set on keeping my factory head unit so I can keep all of my functions. The Core-1 should fix all of my critical (to me) issues plus give me plenty options for later. My 12 is plenty of low end. I guess doing some REW work will help my decision.
  5. Well my plan is to still tap into front mids, and rear, then sum them at the Core, as I am doing with the LC7i, That way I get voice commands still from the fronts. I am kind of leaning toward option 3 and adding a small sub crossed over from 80 to 120 or so. Mainly to alleviate some load from the Focals and cause less front door panel movement. So fronts would be summed signal Focals, rear would be JL components fed by the Sony amp that would also be taped for signal to the Core, that would leave channels 3 and 4 for the extra sub. I am really happy with the sound from the Focals so I am not sure I really need to go active. Oh decisions decisions.
  6. Now I have my mind going crazy with the Core-1 on the way. I was going to just do the 4 channels to the front and rear components, but now I am thinking of some other options to really use the Core-1 and my 5 channel amp. Option 1. As described above - 100x4 to components - 500 to sub Option 2. Go active on front Focals, 100x4 to front doors, rear components on factory amp, 500 to sub Option 3. Channels 1 and 2 to front Focals, rear components off factory amp, channels 3 and 4 running a 6.5 or 8 inch bass driver in the factory box/location, then 500 to sub. I wouldn't mind taking some of the work load off of the components. And with the crossover options of the Core-1 I think I cold pull it off. Any thoughts guys?
  7. Good info! Glad to see some 15 info hitting the web. Got lucky as I fumbled through my interior panels. Was to scared to attack the dash!
  8. Yeah let me know if you need any help. I have taken it all apart a few times lol. Also, is that your door or is the red the vinyl you are talking about. Have a link for that.
  9. Keep going up with others on a trip to Vegas. I didn't even know we were going that fast lol. I don't make it a habit.
  10. Thanks Red, evolving is a good word for it. Lol Loving the new Focals. The PS165 were totally worth the little extra. Now I have the JL components in the rear and Focals up front. The tweeters did not fit well at all! Lol. I had to cut through the front plastic grill area and flush mount them in the door. Pretty sketchy install on a brand new car and made a slip with a dremel that hopefully only I notice lol. Turned out great though. I am keeping the center and rear pillars on the factory amp. Unfortunately my resistor setup did not resolve my noise or slight pop issue at all, even somehow forced my LC7i on all the time, with the same hiss. I am now returning my LC7i and ordered a Massive Core-1 DSP so I can crossover the high noise out. I am assuming I will still add the load bank to the factory amp before the Core-1 to alleviate any issues with the Sony amp getting hot or frying filters. Pulled the fuse on my system until I get the DSP in because I couldn't take the low volume noise. Wow, a center and back speakers only sounds like Shiot. Story of my life that I should have spent a little more in the beginning to save my self the pain. Eight: The manual I got on eBay is a body service manual. I bought it for like 60 bucks in the hopes of getting some back when I sell it. Anything under 2015 you can usually get a disc for 9 bucks on eBay.
  11. Never mind. Hooked it up today and it didn't do sh**, except not allow the LC7i or amp power down, all while still making the whine. Think I may go crazy! I don't even want to count the hours I have in this build! Lol
  12. Hey guys, Adding this to it's own thread in hopes of helping others. I just finished doing a major install in my 2015 edge only to struggle with a high pitched noise, added heat and turn on thumps. After doing research I found this thread in regard to the same symptoms and the factory Sony amp. http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-electronics/28810-must-read-if-you-upgrade-you-2014-s-stereo-avoid-damage.html Others have been having tweeters, amps, and caps burn up due to the high frequency emitted from the Class D amp running unloaded. This, of course, send that same high frequency to your pre amp outputs of any LOC. Some have ran multiple crossovers to resolve this, but they still run into thumps and heat. To resolve this we need to put load back on the amp from the speakers we took off. So for me, I unhooked Front Mids and Tweets (4), rear doors (2) and sub (2). This means I needed to add 8 resistors to the factory amp output. Here is what I came up with with after reading the Focus thread. I 3D printed a generic case, cut up a clipboard, and went at it with parts all from Amazon. This is a drawing from one of the guys on the other thread to show you how it all comes together, just my resistors are all in one spot. I can do a parts list if needed. I will be installing today and hope it takes care of my issues. Here is a link to my build if curious. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19493-completed-custom-subwooferampspeaker-install-with-pics-and-diagrams-for-2015-sport-lots-of-pics/?do=findComment&comment=144826
  13. Alright, Lots has been changing in my system lately! Ended up cooking a JL sub some how. Crutchfield was quick to replace it with no issues. I ended up getting spoiled by the Focal's in my F150 and decided I needed them in the Edge also. I put in the PS165 component set in and love them. I really feel they are totally worth the extra. JL components will now be put into the rear. But here is the pain. Since installing everything and taking most of the load off of the factory amp, I get a high pitched whine (not ground loop noise) and some odd characteristics out of the setup, making me not to happy. After some research I found this thread. http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-electronics/28810-must-read-if-you-upgrade-you-2014-s-stereo-avoid-damage.html It all seemed to fit my issues. So I made this. It is a set of 10 ohm, 10watt resistors used to place load on the Sony class D amp. This is setup for 8 channels, 4 front, 2 rear, 2 sub. This should take away all of my noise and turn on pops. Upgrading to the Focal's really made my noise apparent and forced me to remedy it. Here is how it went together. Ready to be wired in.
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