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    What years are best for edge?

    I had a 2007 Edge SEL+ that I bought new, and kept until March 2021 when I traded it for a 2021 Edge Titanium. The 2007 had 205,000 miles on it.....the only things I had to do to it in 14 years, other than normal maintenance, was replace a rear wheel bearing and, at 180,000 miles, the torque converter. That was a very dependable and great vehicle. So far the 2021, with 18,000 miles on the clock, has been just as good. I do like the Ecoboost 2.0 engine...I have that same engine in my 2022 Maverick XLT, and it kicks ass!
  2. Jay's07Edge

    Original owner 2007 Edge Select 100K+ miles

    An update to the update... Well, after 14 years, 1 month and 3 days, I traded my '07 Edge SEL+ with 204,000 miles for a 2021 Edge Titanium with all the bells and whistles. If you want a very well cared for used Edge, George Coleman Ford in Traveler's Rest, SC, has it on the lot for $6000. Won't be there long....
  3. Jay's07Edge

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    My '07, which I ordered from the factory, has 180,000 miles. Still has all the original parts on the engine (except spark plugs). Had to have the torque converter replaced recently, but other than a rear wheel bearing, it hasn't had to have anything done to it. The only negative I have about it is the lack of cargo space. If one takes 4 people on a trip, it takes creativity to fit all the luggage and associated crap in the back. I have the BAMR, so no roof racks. I have no plans to get anything new. I like my cars to be cars, not rolling entertainment systems.
  4. Jay's07Edge

    07 Edge (rust on body)

    My 2007 has no rust what so ever. Helps to live in the south, where it doesn't snow......
  5. Jay's07Edge

    Original owner 2007 Edge Select 100K+ miles

    update...My '07 SEL+ now has 172,000 miles. Just had to replace the torque converter...had the shudder at 40mph, decided to replace the converter before it self destructed and take the rest of the tranny with it. Other than the rear wheel bearing, this is the only thing that I've had to replace in 11 years of ownership...other than routine maintenance items. I plan on keeping this car...I don't care for the new ones...same body, but all that tech shit crammed into it just doesn't appeal to me..besides, why should I spend $40,000.00 plus on a new one when the current one is fine?? The way I take care of my vehicles, it looks brand new.
  6. Jay's07Edge

    Original owner 2007 Edge Select 100K+ miles

    I'm the original owner of my '07 SEL+. It has 135,000 miles on it now. Other than routine maintenance, I've replaced one rear wheel bearing. That's it. Great vehicle!