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  1. Just called my dealer, master cylinder appears to be failing in the same manner as described here. No warranty. 2007 Edge, 108,000+ miles. Pads seem to be holding up, but a bit irked by this issue. On the other hand, this vehicle has been pretty trouble free save some very minor niggles and parking lot rash.
  2. 200K! Wow! Bearings, dang; I should consider repacking mine then. Completely off my radar. I'm tempted to keep the car instead of trading it in, can't expect to get much for it and it is such a nice road car if we replace it with a pickup the gas mileage will suck and if we get a Subby they are not quite as nice on the road as my Edge. Ya, that 6 CD changer was a waste of money (came with it, didn't order it) as well as satellite radio. I'll take FM and iPod hook up please. :D
  3. rboe

    2015 Ford Edge Concept Introduced

    My 2007 still looks good, aging very well. But I like the looks of this new beast. When it comes time to replace my '07 I may have to look real hard at the 2015/16 (I could use better towing capacity if we go the RV route).
  4. I joined this forum when I bought my Edge new in late 2007. She is now paid for, have about 104,000 miles on her with no major issues. Replaced the rear struts (one was toast), the windshield washer plumbing from the reservoir to the squirters, just about ready to get her third set of tires. Had the Ford dealer do a once over last year year before our summer vacation and the mileage improved about 3-4mpg over the year before's vacation (side note; mileage when to pot in Kansas and Nebraska when the pollen clogged the aircleaner - replaced in Santa Fe and it's been great ever since). Typically get 25-26mpg on the road, 21 -22 in town during my commute. Stop and go traffic sucks it down. I'm also a light foot. Quality wise this car has been a real hoot compared to an '03 VW Jetta wagon we had and a '03 Town & Country mini van (hope this post does not jinx me!). The latch for the lid on the center console is broke; need to replace it. I suspect it's something I did but you can't buy just the latch, you have to get the whole lid. I have been wondering if there are other long term owners out there and I thought the group might be interested in hearing about a single owner high mileage unit. I plan on keeping it for another year or two. Possible replacements; Ford pickup so we can tow a trailer or a Subaru wagon. We have an Outback for the wife and it has been super too, but the Edge is a better road tripping car. I'd get another Edge but when I retire I want to downsize or get something that can tow a trailer, haul a motorcycle or wood. Ron
  5. rboe

    Windshield washer nozzle

    My drivers side nozzle broke where the hose goes into the nozzle. There is a sleeve still attached to the hose; is that glued on? I may have to replace the hose and both nozzles (which at this point it may not be a bad idea from what I just read here). Thanks!
  6. I've been thinking the same thing for my '07. Dang talils lights never did look right to me.
  7. rboe

    Not much air coming from vents

    The filter element is a fairly flimsy and open pored fabric filter - since it looks just like the element in my computer chassis I simply rinsed mine in the sink and reinstalled. Still don't get a lot of air flow myself.
  8. rboe

    Trading Up

    There are times I wish I had waited for the Flex to come out instead of getting the Edge. Not that the Edge is a bad car; just that I miss the room of my old minivans and the Flex has so much more room inside. Until I saw the 2011 Edge the Flex was in the top three, probably top two choices I was looking at to replace the Edge. Now I'm not so sure. I think I'll wait and see what the 2011 Flex has before I pull the trigger.
  9. I've got an '07 with 42K miles. Only thing besides one tire valve stem that went bad (bad batch made it into the country and Ford was one customer of many that got burned on them) is change oil. The cabin filter, I washed in the kitchen sink and reused. Just very open mess filter similar to units on my computer cooling fans. No reason it can't be reused. Too cheap to pay good money to buy another very cheap filter. Now if it was a HEPA filter it would be different. One tire could stand to be replaced now, one is close and two are still good - this after the usual tire rotation so I'm not sure what gives. I'm light of foot so freeway mileage averages 25mpg+. In town (17mile commute with little stop and go) is 22mpg. Drops to 19mpg on the weekends when doing chores. It does not like stop and go traffic, hills or head winds. The only time to veer from the factory maintenance schedule would be for harsh conditions; like desert heat or sand. I broke a cardinal rule when I bought the car - never buy a first year model - and over all have been pretty happy with it. So far none of the electrical gremlins we have suffered through with two old Dodge/Chrysler mini-vans and my wifes Jetta. If the job remains stable the 2011 Edge is a good possibility even though the Flex is high on my list because of the extra room. Just not sure I want to spend that much money for it.
  10. Quick addition: Youy see those side ribs on the center console? Passat has those too - drove me crazy on the test drive. I like to lean my legs over to side I guess and I coudn't with that console design. The Ford Edge has a gap there (doen't look as good but it works much better) so my very long legs have room. I recall it on some of the Audi's I looked at too. The large rectangle between the speedo and tack on the VW (and it appears you have the same dash in the Audi) was a bright red when the lights were on (I always have the lights on - old motorcycle habit I transferred to the car) and I found that very distracting. Those Audi seats look very comfy though. Nice!
  11. Maybe it's just the photo but those seat look olive drab in colour to me. Not so good. I'm too cheap to go with a custom interior and if I did I'm not sure Ford would be the base car to use. Audi makes some very nice interiors; a better job than the VW models - but the parts you don't see like window winders, fuel pumps, alternators etc. will have shared parts and this is were VW has had a problem. I certainly prefer the interiors of a VW or Audi to all the Fords I've seen; but it's not the interior that we've had problems with on our car. I wish it were so mundane. That Caddy looks pretty darn good too (I like what Buick has done also). The 2011 Edge has some promise and thanks for the heads up on the ugly leather option. I'll have to look into that; it may be better in person. In any event, I was unaware of it.
  12. Give me a wood option! Metal is just too cold. That said, one does have the option of after market appliques (never been too impressed with them though - typically they are too glossy). My mechanic is not impressed with Audi/VW quality. As the owner of 03 Jetta Wagon since new I'm not either. Not so much for the core stuff like engine, interior materials quality but for things like fuel pumps, alternaters, computers - the things that are pricey, shouldn't fail at low miles and drive an owner up the wall. Have not looked at that particular Cadillac but my boss had the CTS - my Edge, according to my co-workers and myself, seemed to be the better made car with a higher quality interior. I think he agreed as he traded it in for F-150 dual cab with the King Ranch interior (now THAT would be a hot option for the Edge!). It is so odd to see a damn pickup seem nicer than a Cadillac but in this case it is.
  13. rboe

    Playing with traction control

    Minnesota has changed as I had a permit at 14. Got to drive the old 1963 Buick Invicta station wagon across North Dakota on family vacations many times. With more crowed roads this is probably a good thing. In my day (oh gawd, did I write that?) traction control was a function of your clutch and throttle control. Did a fair amount of practice in snow covered parking lots. A great place to get your snow legs back after a long summer; even for experienced drivers. I was able to get the Edge a wee bit squirrly up in Flagstaff a couple winters ago but that was at the observatory going from dry road, on a curve, and hitting wet snow over some ice. Gave my passenger from Austrailia a start but I felt right at home.
  14. rboe

    Cabin Air Filter location ?

    I inspected my filter at 30K and it was surprisingly clean (the desert is very dirty) so I just washed it off in the sink. Do the same for similar filters on my computers which get much dirtier. Not a very impressive looking filter and I can't see paying money for one if a good rinse will return it to new. Unless you can find a better filter.
  15. rboe

    2011 Lincoln MKX spied without disguise

    I think it looks pretty good; but I'd have to see it with the full colour of a new car. I bet it will look pretty darn good in some colours, less in others.