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  1. kam

    Are you happy with your Edge Ecoboost?

    I rented an Edge in Minneapolis once and i loved it! It was so comfortable to get in and out. That's why I'm thinking about one here soon!
  2. Did you ever find anything out on it? I'm curious as well.
  3. kam

    gas milage

    I don't think I have ever purchased a car expecting the mileage posted. Every car I've owned never gets as high as advertised. I just expect it I guess.
  4. kam

    4H 4L?

    Does the Edge let you select from high to low or is it always AWD?
  5. kam

    4H 4L?

    Does the Edge let you select from high to low or is it always AWD?
  6. Are cooled seats really worth it? Can you feel a difference like you can with heated? I have a friend that said he can barely feel the cooling in his seats.
  7. kam

    the second new guy

    Hmm. Not sure how this is car related but hopefully you're a new Edge owner and came to join the clan!
  8. kam

    Nav message

    I have not heard of it before. Have you taken it in to the dealer yet?
  9. Do they offer leather tubing in the Edge like the Lincoln's do?
  10. Hmm. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it then.
  11. kam

    Painted rocker panels

    Of course! I love the stealthy sleek look of black on cars! What color would you do?
  12. Hmm. As far as the pedal have you thought about an aftermarket aluminum pedal cover?
  13. What brake pads does everyone prefer? I've actually heard good things about Auto Zone's Duralast Gold Pads. Anyone else?
  14. kam

    Ford Edge SYNC

    Very cool. I'll have to give that a shot!
  15. Any issues with the plastic/paint rubbing off with the A/C controls on the Edge? I've owned a couple Ford products and one GM product where this was an issue.