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  1. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I suggest you stick with the same dealer ship and request that you ride along with the technician with you driving would be best so u can simulate the condition or not. I had mine corrected. It took less than the one hour I normally wait for an oil change. They said they had to follow a tsb that was out. I may have referred to it in my post here about a month ago. In your case I would NOT go in telling them what to do. Just tell them what's the matter with it. Don't forget you have a 50,000 mile drivetrain warranty on it. Best Rafeek
  2. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    You cant give up. This is a wonderful car once all is straightened out. When u go back just tell them something is wrong with the transmission.... Don't give them any tsb number. They'll figure it out...
  3. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Glad they were able to diagnose it. The reset they did to my vehicle is so far flawless. Love it. Will be buying it at end of my lease in June. 33,k so far. Love it. Its a shame we all had to do through this. I bet that my next Edge EV (when it comes out) will be better then this. GLTA Rafeek
  4. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Took my Edge in today. The wording of my complaint was "Transmission is jerking when slowing to a stop" They performed according to TSB-19-2331 which is basically reprogramed PCM and performed adoptive learning drive cycle. So far after driving 5 miles its performing like a charm better than my wives' new hybrid Venza and quieter. I'm keeping this vehicle until Ford comes up with an EV Edge or similar. Thank you all for your contributing to this "Jerky" cause.
  5. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Jason No, I didnt take it in yet. Pl see my entry above yours.
  6. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Thank you gents for your in depth investigation into our Buck & Jerk issue. In order to explain the issue to my service guy at the dealership I wanted to be able to describe it clearly. So As I am in the Chilly Chicago area I thought I needed to determine under what conditions it starts bucking. Here is what I found out. 1. Temps in high 20's 2. Had to drive it for about 20 mins before it exhibited the bucking/jerking performance. Apparently had to warm up. 3. It was mostly obvious while driving around a shopping area parking lot with a lot of stop signs.. Next week im scheduled to take it in. Will advise when I have something to contribute. Again thank you for posting here. Rafeek
  7. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I have 30000 mile on it so far. Lease expires in June 22. I wonder how much of the drivetrane warranty will cover in case the transmission konks out? I'm intending to buy it at end of lease and keep for an additional 2 years.
  8. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Since my issue of jerking is noticeable while coming to a stop from a reasonable speed I suspect it could be due to either the transmission downshifting or the antilock breaks kicking in. Has anyone pursued that angle?
  9. rafeeki

    2022 Edge timetable

    Any hint on an Edge EV or hybrid?
  10. rafeeki

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I have the same problem with my 2019 edge built before Nov 2018 On a whim I thought of mixing it up and used S mode then went back to regular mode. There was a marked improvement. I also tried using my paddle shifter and got up to 8th gear, it has to be at approx. 2000rpm or greater to kick in. My suspicion is it has to do with oil flow in the unit but that is my uninformed suspicion. It's worth trying it.
  11. rafeeki

    Hyper-sensitive brakes

    I have the same issue with my "grabby" sensitive breaks on my 2016 Edge. The dealership could not duplicate it on a test drive so they are not repairing it. The car was built on 04/2016 which puts it out of the booster recall. Am at a loss. Any suggestions
  12. No mine are satisfactory. I don't miss the fog lights I had on my 2007 Grand Cherokee as what I have here is just right. Do we have auto dimming headlights? I have a Limited Ecoboost.
  13. It now says "insert new SD card". Taking out and reinserting the card doesn't do anything... Has anyone had this issue?
  14. It now says "insert new SD card". Taking out and reinserting the card doesn't do anything... Has anyone had this issue?