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  1. Wedgeamatic

    Sensors making noise for no reason

    Mine has been doing the same thing for months. Took it into dealer they had NO CLUE. NOT TAKING MY 2015 Sport to Suprise Ford anymore. They have fixed NOTHING.
  2. Folks. Is there someone that can take a photo of their trunk accessories so I can see what came with the Sport (Jack, cargo net......?). Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok. I've been coming to this forum since March of 2015. It seems to me that Ford is having a ton of issues with the product that we purchased from them, in my case a 2015 Sport. I'm losing patients and confidence with my dealer and the factory pertaining to all of our issues with this vehicle. I will NOT be purchasing another Ford product. What say you?
  4. Wedgeamatic

    Cooled Seats

    Thank you GT. It sounds like we are building a consensus here that the current "fix" is not a fix at all. Merry Christmas
  5. Wedgeamatic

    Factory Tires on 2015 Sport

    Well. It's looks like I got one of last tires in the country. Can't understand why they would put these on the new 2015 Edge and then discountinue them
  6. Wedgeamatic

    Cooled Seats

    Please get back to us when you have a chance to check it out and also let us know what took place.
  7. Wedgeamatic

    Cooled Seats

    Thanks guys. This is the response I was needing to hear. Hopefully Ford is following this conversation.
  8. Wedgeamatic

    Wiild sound from under dash or hood???

    Ok it seems that the noise coming from under the dash was actually coming from under the hood. Apparently the hood insulation was rattling on the vehicle at speeds above 65mph. I tightened down the clips which hold the insulation in place. No more noise!
  9. Wedgeamatic

    Cooled Seats

    Brought my Sport in for service. It seems there is currently NOT a fix for the cooled seats. Told my services rep I expect the problem to be resolved. I get the feeling Ford is going to take a knee on this one. I suggest everyone call their dealer and ask to have the problem fix ASAP.
  10. Wedgeamatic

    Wiild sound from under dash or hood???

    Easily duplicated just drive at 65. Scheduled for dealer as soon as my tire is in.
  11. Wedgeamatic

    Factory Tires on 2015 Sport

    Wow. What a surprise! Took my Sport into Discount Tire in Centtral Phoenix. My rear tire cannot be repaired because of where the nail is (top of side wall). Hankook stopped making this tire!!!! They have a new model but it is not the same tire as this factory tire currently on my Sport (manufactured in May 2015). My dealer, Surpsrise Ford located a tire on the east coast. How crazy is that???
  12. Wedgeamatic

    Wiild sound from under dash or hood???

    No loss of power. The noise was coming from around the center of dash at around the screen area. I'll check the cabin filter area as you suggested. Thank you.
  13. Wow. Was driving tonight in Phx, on freeway. When I hit 80mph a sound came out of the dash board that sounded like a squirrel cage turning at high speed with a playing card stuck in it. Could it be an issue with the turbo? My Sport has 3900 miles on it. I have a video but can't figure out how to attach it here. Scared the piss out of me and my wife. Anyone have this issue? Thanks. JS
  14. Wedgeamatic

    Side Sensors

    Thank you. I plan to have them reprogrammed if possible when I have the seat cooling and paint issues taken care of. Thanks again.