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    95 Octane & Fuel Economy

    Ok, so of the first topup I got 9.1/L on the first two days which were mostly highway and then it came down to 8.6/L due to moderate city traffic and then dropped to 8.4/L overall with 550kms done and 60km till empty. With the 95 I averaged 7.8/L (very heavy foot) to 8.2/L which means there not a big difference in mileage. BUT the driving experience has totally changed. The pick-up is much better, there's minimum lag in quick acceleration (quick overtakes), and a little less engine noise. I love the driving experience with the 98, so I'm trying a second re-fill which so far on day 2 is giving me the same reading. Watch this space...
  2. Machan

    What's Hanging?

    How can an accessory hanging from a mirror be illegal?
  3. Machan

    What's Hanging?

    So what's hanging from your rear view mirror? Let's see some photos As you can see I'm a Marvel fan and the kids love it!!
  4. I went for the base model (SE) because under the hood they are all the same - except the sport and FWD versions. I am more interested in the performance of the vehicle than the toys it comes with. I would have loved to have the sony system - which was my only regret. But other than that the Edge is a fun car to drive. The vista roof is beautiful in winter but with the summer right now reaching +50ºc .....I-don't-think-so. At the end of the day my choice for a vehicle comes down to (1) Performance/Reliability/Brand (2) Safety - (4-Star) (3) Looks (4) Toys/Accessories. Oh, and I love the fact that you can insert a key and hear it start (I'm old school). Those push-start buttons are so gay (kidding).
  5. Machan

    95 Octane & Fuel Economy

    Hi omar302, that's useful info on the octane comparison. Thanks. I drive a 3.5 AWD.
  6. 95 Octane & Fuel Economy My Ford service provider (Dubai-UAE) said that there is an additive in the 95 octane (recently added) that's affecting the fuel economy. This answered why I was getting between 7.8 - 8.3 km/L (18.3 - 19.5 mpg) combined, which means around 500-550km on a tank (depending on how heavy my foot is). So the service provider advised I change to 98 octane - which I did this morning which gave me at the end of today 8.9 km/L (20.9 mpg) combined. Which means technically I should get 600-647km to the tank (depending on how heavy my foot is). What fuel do you use and what's your economy rate?
  7. It's called motionflow… maybe watch the youtube video?
  8. Youtube version (different music): http://youtu.be/3LBdd34Dmgk?list=UUssCoBKkWHxELETyzwm9xVg
  9. Check this out if you are on Facebook. Ford Edge FB page 'Like'ed my video - Stoked! Hit like if you like it too www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205991677496230&l=5713664730572404135 Location: Dubai Vehicle: 2014 Ford Edge Camera: SJ4000 Sfotware: Adobe After Effects
  10. Thanks WWWPerfA_ZNOW and cds71. Yes, my first Ford.
  11. Found out about your forum from the Ford Edge worldwide FB forum. Thanks for adding me.