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    2015 Ford Edge Sport

    Ayrton ... you are a lucky devil ... that would make it $32,446 (converted to USD) which would be fantastic ,but at $42,000 it is still an excellent deal ... if its factory fresh , go for it ! I am a senior who has purchased many new cars at launch and that old saying was true back in the day ... when they say , they don't build them like they used to , be dam lucky they don't ... not to say things don't go wrong , but that can happen any time ... currently we have a /15 Edge Titanium AWD ( with 20K miles) ordered the week they started production in Oakville and have to say its the best value out there " a premium unit without the premium sticker" Perk
  2. My suspicion is if a few have it , we all have it and the moisture getting inside is a design issue that will continue until it is sealed or ventilated , nothing serious until it starts to mold inside ... tailight units are probably being replaced ( and re-replaced ) by the unit supplier and they hope few owners will bother with it and a change will be effected down the road .. Perk
  3. Vista Sunroof cracked sitting in the garage overnight at a moderate temperature with only 8K on a new 2015 Edge Titanium ... dealer sent photo to Ford and within 48 hours a new glass was ordered from the glass supplier ( not Ford ) ... we do hope this is not a reoccuring problem Perk
  4. /04 Cadillac SRX .. cannot recommend the Edge Titanium too highly ... as much room as the Cadillac ... quieter ... same comfort and more features ... power of the 2.0 is surprisingly sufficient ... the new technology is far superior and a great value.. Perk
  5. Perk

    2015 Edge MPG

    I have always felt the auto manufacturers advertised MPG to be somewhat disshonest and they will never stand behind their rating that is what makes a forum like this so valuable ... /15 Titanium 2.0 AWD with 3,000 miles ... so far 23 MPG with 2/3 hwy under 70 MPH ... if we all keep posting,the truth will out Perk
  6. Perk

    Costco car purchase program

    Boy am I getting a valuable education ... dealer had no problem cancelling the third party extended warranty and signing us up for a Ford corp. 100K/6year/$100 deduct warranty for $1,715 which I am haappy with ... I really owe you guys ... If we were closer I'd buy you a micro .. Cheers Perk
  7. Thank you folks ... I stand corrected by your astute assessment and double checking with the dealer... the perforated leather in the insert areas only comes when ordering the 301A or 302A package ... I will say we have been driving a Cadillac SRX and Mercedes 320ML and find the 300A seats very comfortable , although we wondered if we were missing something without the perforations ... overall we find the new Edge to be as roomy , quiet , comfortable , handling and pep to be as good or better than anythying we have driven ... " excellent value " Perk
  8. We recieved our 2015 titanium with the 300A features " leather-trimmed sport seats" ( ceramic ) without perforated leather in the insert areas as shown in the brochure ... the bolster and insert areas are all the same ... I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else or did I missinterpret what is shown in the brochure... Also , should this indeed be a factory error does anyone have any experience with what we may expect to be done in a case like this ... we would like to have the perforated seating areas , but not sure we want our new vehicle taken apart to replace them.. Perk
  9. Perk

    Costco car purchase program

    You were right of coarse and I thank you both so much ... this is the type of information that makes this forum so valuable ... I am going in tomorrow to cancel the warranty policy we signed up for in the heat of battle and will look for a Ford Corp program as I have checked out at your suggestion and looks to be at least $500 less ... Gratefully yours Perk
  10. Perk

    Costco car purchase program

    The Costco program in the Seattle area is $150 off from dealer invoice less any rebates at the time of delivery ( currently a $500 rebate and 1.9 % financiang ) , plus delivery $895 , fuel $48.96 and TLR ... dealer had little interest in providing any info during the 13 week wait or getting things ready to deliver ... we did opt for the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty $2,100 ... Absolutely love the Titanium 300A with plat tri-coat , vista roof and tech pkg $ 38,653.96 net ( plus 6 items mentioned above)... quiet , roomy and plenty of power from the 2.0 ... the features and options are endless .. Perk
  11. Perk

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Jackie ... boy this is confusing as the product changes/features listing I have shows the rain-sensing wipers included in the 302A group only , although you may have ordered them extra ... I also see the inflatable safety belts are in the 302A as well ... I still wonder if you have the auto start/stop ... I believe you do have grille shutters , acoustic front side glass and slight recline to the rear seat backs ... we ordered the Titanium 300A plus Pano roof #43P and Tech pkg. #51T additional and are expecting these features and more ... it would be wonderful to be able to get all of this info in one place ... did you have shmores at your camp fire? Perk PS: anything further on the wind noise ?
  12. Perk

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Hi Jackie ... whatever the wait was , you survived it nicely ( wouldn't spell check be nice) ... anything further with the wind noise as this could be a real concern ... what color have you settled on for the ambient lighting ... do the rear seat backs recline a bit ... there are so many things on this new vehicle I have never experienced that I am anxious to see if they really have any effect ie: grill shutters , auto stop/start , acoustic glass ,twin- scroll, curve control , inflateable seat belts , not to mention some type of air vector around wheels/body ... all of this from various information sources as the dealer hardly has a piece of literature and no other 2015 Edge models on order ... I do hope this vehicle is much better than Ford's launch timing and training program ... Perk
  13. Perk

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Jackie ... thanks for the pix ... very nice color and those wheels look nice ... didn't know there were mud flaps ... what do you tow with the hitch? just curious,is there a 110v plug in and where is it located ... can you tell if the mph speed sensitive wipers make a difference ... are the small triangular running lights on all of the time ... is it quieter/faster/roomier than your old Edge ... what is your favorite thing about the new one? Still havent been inside one and ours is still a month away. Perk
  14. Perk

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Hi Jackie...did we miss your comments and maybe photos of the delivery of your new ride ie: is it all you expected or anything you would change or recommend to others .. Wingnut ...appreciate your tip on photo of door code,, Perk
  15. Perk

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Wow Jackie , exciting , 10 days and counting ... 90 days , almost to the day ... anxious to hear your impression of your first drive .. Perk