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    Water Leak! Help!

    The service manager at my dealer said he would order the sealant and let me know when it's in to use on both A-pillars. I have no leaks/water yet; that was a question on his Ford questionnaire. If there was, I suppose carpet or some other remedy would be ordered also, and maybe even a loaner/rental car according to the letter. (BTW I got my Ford Edge cargo mat for the rear area. $99+tax. It's nice, but maybe a little thinner than expected, but I didn't now what to expect and it'll suite me just fine. Then I saw my sister's WeatherTech liner and didn't seem any heavier/thicker. And they both have a small lip around the edges.) --but I'm still trying to use bins/containers in the cargo area so I don't muddy-up the new liner!

    Water Leak! Help!

    I received my letter in the mail yesterday from Ford: Customer Satisfaction Program 15B21. I will drop a copy off at my dealer's service department. I have driven in the rain and been thru a touch-less car wash and NO water leak issues. The letter says the program is in effect until June 30, 2016. My build date was April 27, 2015 with VIN 34000 approx. (Titanium/AWD, in case that matters.) [i couldn't figure out the picture on this forum compared to my car.]

    Another Issue with my '15 Edge

    My Titanium has the same wind noise coming from my driver's side window. (I don't have roof rails.) Less noticeable with the radio on, but it's still there. Not sure at what speed I start to notice it; I should pay better attention (but I've been trying to ignore it). I haven't complained to the dealer; let me know if you come up with something.

    Parking Lamp Indicator

    I posted a similar question elsewhere on this forum. The green parking light on the left of the dash display will be the only indicator to ever light, no matter what lights/lamps we have turned on. The next few indicators in the dash will remain dark always, apparently used in other Ford (non-Edge) vehicles. The indicators for Brights and Turn signals is in the center of the dash at the bottom of the speedometer.
  5. Good question about this after market hitch working for those with a Sport model. This could be a solution for many. I have a Titanium with trailer tow package. It's fine for my purpose since I won't have anything heavier than a bike rack. So everyone knows, I do have Hands-Free lift gate. I can kick on either the left or right side of the receiver. (My dealer said I wouldn't get hands-free with a receiver, but he was wrong.) Enjoy your black beauty! I wish those nicer rims came in the standard 19" tire size.
  6. I went from a 2008 to a 2015. You're going to have fun learning the new one! No problems with mine.
  7. I haven't noticed the off-centeredness, but I did notice the different spacing on either side of the console. I put a foam padded spacer on the passenger side so I don't loose stuff between the seat and the console; but the spacer wouldn't fit on the driver's side.

    First Edge Ad campaign

    Thanks for posting! We saw it on Sunday, probably during the Nascar race or some racing channel.

    First Impressions of New Edge

    I like the 'Edginess' of the rims in the pictures. Must be larger than the standard 19" on the Titanium that I got on mine.
  10. JACKIE

    First Impressions of New Edge

    Question on headlamp icons on the left display: On the far left I do get the greenish parking lights when any lights are on, but that's it. When will the next three indicators light up? Ever? Looks like it should be driving lights (DRL?), head lights, and automatic, possibly, (then the ABS icon). I've tried to attached a couple of pics.
  11. JACKIE

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    So what is the Courtesy Wipe ON/OFF in Setting do?
  12. JACKIE

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    Perk: I don't have all the features that you mentioned because I don't have a Sport or the highest package. I have a Titanium 301A Equipment Group. The 302A Group is primarily safety features like front camera, etc. (Sorry for the typo, but I was on small iPhone sitting by the campfire with minimal internet speed; and 'kinda' sleepy.) My dad liked my new ride the best, but everyone else was just probably envious/jealous! Wipers: In the Left Information display--Settings--Vehicle--Wipers>Leave the box for Courtesy wipe Un-checked. But the wipers still don't turn on by themselves. The right-hand wiper lever needs to be moved UP one (what would be the Intermittent mode) and then it will sense rain on the windshield. I could still over-ride this and move lever UP two or three for normal and high speed wipe. Two advantages: I have my lights on "A" automatic, so when the wipers come on so does the low-beam headlights ; and when I put it in Reverse the rear wiper comes on also. (I thought the wipers would turn on automatically in the car wash, but they shouldn't if I leave the lever in the OFF position.) --I didn't want to have to go into Setting every time I went thru a car wash.
  13. JACKIE

    New 2015 Ford Edge Titanium Owner from Regina, SK Canada

    The Magnetic color really sets off the chrome grille and wheels!
  14. I agree with paulsgs. The Ford site listed the following five add-on's in the Technology Package: 110V power outlet BLIS (blind spot) Voice-activated Nav. system Auto-dimming driver's exterior mirror Remote start Nothing about differing leather seats.