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  1. This is more of a rant/detail of my experiences. Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues. At this point, I'm coming off 5 subsequent Honda/Acura cars, most recently a 2013 Acura RDX Tech. With my lease about to end this July 1st, and being ready for something different, I decided to take a leap over to Ford and ordered a 2015 Edge Sport back in April. I made it clear that I needed the car by 7/1 as my lease was ending and I was told not to worry, the Edge would arrive in "plenty of time". The dealership was awesome to work with, until about 5 seconds after I gave them a deposit. Ordering on April 21, they told me to expect 6-8 weeks for delivery. On May 6th, the dealership told me that the car was scheduled to be built that week. No new info or updates for weeks, other than a VIN, which didn't show up in ETIS. On June 9th, I was told again that the car was being built that day and I should expect it by June 21st. The week leading up to the 21st, I was told it would not be June 27th, lining up perfectly with my scheduled appointment to turn in my Acura literally across the street from the Ford dealership. Perfect! Today I check in with the Ford dealership by text message to confirm I can come across the street and pick up my car after I drop off the Acura on Saturday. Oops...now it's scheduled for the week of July 15th! I call the dealership and got a whole run around on how they got bad info and there is nothing they can do and that "Ford is aware that this is a sold unit" - which makes me think it's maybe been sold to someone else. Now I'm mad. Way too much work and frustration for what should have been a simple, easy sale. End up talking to the manager and basically he tells me in the last 18 months, Ford has been getting EXTREMELY bad with communications about builds and deliveries. Apparently its not just new models like the Edge. They have a Flex that they ordered in October that still hasn't showed up. They have a Lincoln customer who has been waiting a similar amount of time for his new car. To "make it up to me" they are letting me use a Ford Focus as a loaner, starting Saturday and until my Edge comes in, which may be mid July. Maybe. Wondering if this is a typical Ford purchase experience, because, as a new customer, I'm really not impressed...
  2. New member and first time Ford owner here. Picking up my 2015 Sport this weekend and wondering if there are any items I should ask the dealer to double check as they prep the vehicle. I've read that there is a leak issue on the passenger A pillar and the hoses / connections to the turbos should be checked to be secure. Anything else I should have them double check? Thanks in advance.
  3. In a similar situation here. Ordered a 2015 Edge Sport in April, told to expect it late May, was told it was scheduled to be and was being built the first week of May. By early June it still wasn't built, then a week later it was, and it is in transit now. It *may* arrive this weekend. Ford's order system and and customer communication systems are a total joke. Going to corporate via email and social media was bad, too - they referred me straight back to the dealership. I only hope the actual car is better than the experience so far. Anyway, from all that I have figured out, the car isn't built until it shows up in ETIS website. ETIS.ford.com Good luck!