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  1. Since web forums are great complaint repositories and I've already complained about the sunroof function I abhor, I'll now express my distaste for the obnoxious keyless go honking function. When the engine is running and the keys are in my pocket, why must my Edge wake up the neighbors if I exit the vehicle and close the door behind me? Let's say I'm in freezing Michigan and there is a foot of snow on my car and I put my laptop inside and start it up. Then get my snow brush and exit the car. BEEP BEEP! Hey look at me! Over Here! Oh Yes, this is the New Edge! No other car with Keyless Go honks louder! It bites me when I move garbage pails, come home late and retrieve the mail... you get the picture. In that brief moment when I swing the door to close and before the honk happens, my brain scrambles to compute whether I left key in my pocket or in the car. I swear this is a real trigger for anxiety. Remember the guy in the original Ghostbusters movie who would get zapped with electricity for answering the Venkman ESP test question incorrectly? Zap! That's what my Edge does to me. Google it if you are too young to remember. I cannot believe the engineer responsible for this classless use of the horn did not have a better idea. This car will shut off the engine after a set time if you forget it. This car has a keypad to get you back in if you somehow locked your keys inside. It does not need to punish your ears for making a mistake. It does not need to wake up your sleeping neighbors. I sure hope the Edge "customer focus group" didn't ask for this feature. Ford, I love you and I know you are reading this so please make my car less offensive.
  2. The '15 shade works as expected. My request is for the glass only. What I meant to say is that when the glass is open and I press the close button, the glass only returns about 4 inches and then stops. I must then hold my finger on the close button to make it close all the way, which happens to be for the majority of the distance. The auto portion is comical in that it has no useful purpose. Also, if it is open and I press the tilt button, it should close the glass and pop up in the tilted position. Instead, nothing happens. My wife's Jeep does exactly what one would reasonably expect.
  3. Rextang

    2017 Ford Edge Production Information

    Passed a car carrier full of Edge Vignale models heading east on M59 (MI) yesterday afternoon. They looked like new deliveries and clearly had the Vignale insignia centered on the trunk. Looked like they were sporting the euro headlights too.
  4. Can you change the vista roof to perform one touch close? Please. Then I will drive to meet you somewhere so you can change my car too.
  5. Rextang

    iPhone 6S messaging with sync

    You can get the car to read incoming messages to you. Go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings and next to SYNC, select the "i". Then toggle on the "Show Notifications" option. If you do this when you are sitting in the car already paired, you will need to unpair and re-pair. Incoming messages will alert you with a tone that you can change or turn off in the SYNC Phone Notifications settings. Upon receiving the notification, you have about 5 seconds to press the "listen" button on the screen. You cannot use SYNC to reply. Siri manages that quite well however.
  6. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    It depends on how big your hands are. What's the worst that can happen you drop one and get another rattle
  7. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    Vadimus, I removed the magnets completely for a few days and the noise is still there.
  8. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    Not sure how to change the title of the thread to "overhead" rattle. The word "magnet" was a guess and it is not correct. Moderator, can you help?
  9. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    No solution yet. Don't have that much time to give it to the dealer. They had it for a whole day and blew the opportunity to do what I asked... To have one person drive and a second to diagnose. All they said was that a tech drove it and confirmed the noise is present.... Followed by telling me to make another appointment for them to dig into it. ?
  10. Here is the requested photo of the Husky Weatherbeater showing the dead pedal area coverage.
  11. Went with Husky Weather Beaters. They are my preference due to the full coverage of the dead pedal vs. what you get from Weather Tech. Here in MI when you get in your car with a snow stuck in your boots, the melting snow and salt goes right behind a Weather Tech mat.
  12. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    I simply do not have the time to go to the dealer at the moment. I have taken out two of the magnets and can say it is not them. And although the exterior filler panel is missing at least 1 clip, I put cardboard under it and can say that is not the culprit either. I'm focusing on the cross bar between the fixed and the moving glass as the source. When the roof is open, the noise goes away.
  13. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    I am finding a possible source for the overhead noise. On the roof between the glass and the outer edge of the car is a black filler panel. On the driver's side, I'm missing one retainer clip right over my head. Here is a pic, one from drivers side (missing) and one from the passenger with clip. The front ones are easy to inspect with the glass open, but the back clips are not. I suspect I have more than one missing because the whole filler plate seems loose.
  14. Rextang

    Headliner Overhead Rattle - Vista Roof

    Yes. for a few weeks I thought it was the seat belt height adjuster mechanism, but later found If I place my hand on the headliner while driving that the vibration is in sync with the headliner movement while driving over rough pavement. Applying force upward with the palm of my hand pretty much makes it stop. It's just behind the area over the headrest. Give it a try and let me know.
  15. Rextang

    Rattle drive me crazy! Edge Sport 2015

    Does it sound like marbles rattling around over your head? http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18978-headliner-magnet-rattle-vista-roof/?do=findComment&comment=139316