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    Looks good. Ever thought Bout painting the fog light shield thing?
  2. Dcor420

    2011 Front End on a 2008

    Did you ever find Any info on the front end conversion? I want to do the same thing to my 2010 but have no idea if it's even possible.
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  4. Dcor420


    It a actually a really ghetto and cheap way of doing it but its more of a trial and error kinda thing. No matter what store or what website I went to, I couldn't find any real easy way of doing. So I just rigged something up and so far so good. All I needed was 2 things 3m hanging clips and black spray paint.
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  6. Dcor420


    Thanks. I got the ASUS zenpad 8.0 I didn't permanently install it. Just thought it would cool to have a tablet that I could have as a optional head unit since I have sync Bluetooth.
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    What y'all think?
  8. Dcor420


    New toy to my 2010 edge.
  9. Dcor420

    18 wheels OEM

    Just wondering if anyone has ever painted their chrome wheels.