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  2. pnwedge

    Chrome delete/Plastidip grille

    Also the Daytime Brite lites, daytime running light mod. Nice!! :-)
  3. Yes, I ended up sending my MFT brain box to http://www.fordpimod...m/hd-radio.html via USPS express mail had it back within 5 days! All he does is re-programs your MFT brains and turns on the HD raido signal, simple as that! :-)
  4. pnwedge

    Anyway to get HD Radio?

    Update: I sent Jason my APIM and ACM modules at FordPImods.com and now have HD radio in my Edge. Since I live in the Seattle area, I mailed my modules to Jason via USPS Priority Express mail, it got there within 2 days, he completed the mod no problem and shipped it back to me all within 5 days start to finish! The HD radio ACM module (which is basically the CD Player/Reciever) I got for $130.00 from Ebay, and the mod from Jason was $90.00. A very affordable, yet awesome mod to have, if you live in a metro area with a lot of HD radio stations to choose from. Thank you so much for the service that you provide Jason!
  5. pnwedge

    20151027 144136

    Oh yeah...ground clearance with the 20's and stock tires, 8.0 inches. With the new tires and rims, ground clearance, 10 inches! 265/60/18 Cooper Discoverer H/T plus all season touring tires.
  6. pnwedge

    20151027 144136

    New 18 inch rims, and tires.
  7. pnwedge

    20151027 144146

    I didn't like the ride of the 20 inch rims, to rough for me. So I got new tires and rims. I went with the Cooper Discoverer H/T plus 265/60/18 tires. I went with the 18's for a smoother ride, and a wider tire for the look and better handling. So far I love the ride, handles great, and no road noise.
  8. pnwedge

    20151026 153559

    New rims and tires.
  9. pnwedge

    Anyway to get HD Radio?

    Hi Jason. Thank you for the info on this. I bought an HD Audio Control Module (CD player/receiver) on Ebay already, so I have that part covered. It was from a totaled out 2013 Edge. I tried it in my Edge, and everything works except like the fade/balance, and volume. What is an APIM, and what is your guestimate on the cost of the re-program? Thanks again for your help.
  10. pnwedge

    Anyway to get HD Radio?

    What is an ACM? Does it mean...Audio Control Module? If so, where is it located, and could I get one from my local dealership and have them install and reprogram it?? Thanks for the post.
  11. pnwedge

    Carbon Fiber emblem

    Black plastidip with metalizer on cross bars of grille. 3m Scotchprint 1080 tape wrap on upper and lower part of grille.
  12. pnwedge

    LED light strips

    Flexible led strips are from Oznium.com. $6 each!
  13. pnwedge

    PlastiDip cross bars of grille and Ford emblem

    I used 3 coats of black plastidip, and 2 coats of Metalizer.
  14. pnwedge

    Interior Ambient LEDs

    My SEL did not come with the ambient light option. So I did my own DIY ambient light mod. I chose blue leds as it is easy on the eyes at night, and is also dimmable through the dash controls. You can use whatever color leds you want, this is just my mod, not the Ford factory one.
  15. pnwedge

    Interior Ambient LEDs

    This was a very simple install. I just removed the silver trim from the center console, it's just clipped in. Then removed 4 star screws from the center console, the one with the cup holders. I did have to move the shift lever to Neutral or Drive to unclip the center part of the console from the middle climate control console panel. Once that was unclipped I had easy access for the mod. Watch out for the wire to the shift indicator as it is kind of short. Next I marked where the holes were to be drilled on the inside of the cupholders, about the 7:00 position. I used a uni-bit drill bit on my cordless drill and I think that the hole size was about a 1/4 inch or so, maybe a little bit bigger. I spliced into the LED light that lights up the tray cubby hole in the front of the console. You could also splice into the shift indicator light if you want. I then ran the LED strips through the opening on the sides of the console. They came as a 12 inch strip, but you can cut them to size, so it ended up about 8 inches when cut to size. I connected the 2 leds in the cupholder to the led strips, and then all of those wires to the positive, and negative wires to the led that lights up the tray on the forward side of the console. I used wire screws to hold the connection, and then used clear silicone glue to hold the leds in place in the cupholder. The total mod cost under $20! Oh yeah...all of the leds are dimmable by the dash lights on the instrument panel...they also come on when the doors open. I hope this helps. P.S. The leds in the cupholder, and led strips are from Oznium.com