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  1. Thank you for response. The engine compartment did get wet recently. That morning I had a battery charger on the battery. I had wife snap a picture of the battery, she forgot to put hood down. It proceeded to thunderstorm after that. I think it’s probably the body control module/lighting control module. I believe these are the same two parts. I can’t find apart number for it in the 2012s though. I found 2013 7S4Z-13C788-A, but that says its not compatible for 2012.
  2. Unfortunately, this situation is not unique to Ford. Every auto company has similar issues. It's too expensive for them to keep part lines open. This is going to become a bigger issue nationally as we move forward with newer and newer tech oriented vehicles. To give you an example GM mandates parts are available 10 years after last production vehicle. But there are many 97-03 Corvette owners that now have a paper weight because the ABS and steering wheel sensors go out leaving the car inoperable. My hunch is government will step in eventually. Either dictating parts that are inherent to safety systems be stocked for specific time period. Or they remove patent protection and put the information in open source for new parts makers to make.
  3. Hello, FE Forum! Wish my first post was under different circumstances. My wife's 2012 SEL Eco has been having off and on battery issues. Sometimes not driving for 8-12 hrs results in dead battery. She was getting fed up with how unreliable the car was becoming, so I changed the first thing I know to - the battery. Before this I attempted to jump it with my jumper pack. The jumper pack didn't have enough juice, so after I attempted to start it, there was this very fast clicking noise coming from driver side engine compartment. I went and got new battery, mega tron 2 65, installed it, go to start it and it starts but I smell burnt fuses. Immediately notice that the sync was completely black, and inop, as were the flashers and a few others. I replaced the fuses that tested popped under the driver area. Looked at the high side and the fuses all tested good. Hooked it back up to battery and started it and it turned over but with in a few minutes went to a low power limp mode. It eventually died. Brand new battery was reading 9.4volts! Alternator was putting out 14, so it was good. Check wiring harness and the 200amp circuit breaker on the battery terminal popped. Replaced that circuit breaker and charging system is up and good, car drives, AC, sync, everything is running good, except for the flashers, turn signals, and HIDS. The passenger right Amber light (where it has "edge" engraved) is on non stop, unless I pull its fuse. The back driver side Amber light is also on non stop unless I pull its fuse. The blinkers won't work at all, even though the instrument cluster shows them on and blinking. While driving the passenger side HID is significantly brighter than the drivers side. I've tested all the fuses and they all check out, pulled relays in the high distro box and they had no significant effect. The CES light was on and threw a code for pcm write failure - too early. Cleared it but it's still showing as a "permenent code". Do these edges have a seperate bcm? Or does the pcm control everything? Thanks in advance, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.